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Minutes 26.04.19

Handover minutes 26.04.19 – Meeting called to order 26th April at 18:45 in SLB/210 by club president Katy Watson

These minutes were recorded by Ladies’ Captain, Laura Johnson, due to the secretary position being vacant.


Absent with apologies:

Social Secretaries – Jai Chandarana

Club Representatives – Jasmine Tang




Club President – Katy Watson

Team President – Joshua Bracewell

Treasurer – Oliver Harris

Ladies’ Captain – Laura Johnson

Mens’ Captain – Charlie Corke

Mixed Captain – Isobel Eastwood

Social Secretaries – Rachel Napier

Press and Publicity Officers – Ryan McShane and Kita Hennessy

Merchandise Officer – Cameron Smart

Fundraising Officer- Aaron Aspell

Wellbeing Officer – Alex Edwards

Club Representatives – Chris Oldnall


Vacant Positions:


Sponsorship Officer



Shoutouts to:

New committee <3

Katy for her awesome presentation skills



Read the constitution on the Google Drive and sign it

Make your own folder to keep your own stuff in and look through the previous year’s folders

Sync the calendar to your phone

Snacks delegation

Pegboard duty – be loud and clear

Fill out the rota for pegboard duty on the Facebook page

Social media – if passwords are changed, let Katy know



Monday 7:30 after club

Encourage people to run for Secretary and Sponsorship



Roses 3rd -5th

Ratification meeting at 12:00 on the 8th (Tier 1)

EOYT (TBC) on the 9th

Presidents on the 14th-16th

Ladies A vs. Mens C TBA




After next Monday (29th), we will have Mondays from 19:00-22:00 pm and Sundays from 10:00-12:00 am

Aiming to book some team courts depending on availability


Meeting adjourned: 19:30


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