Minutes – 27th February 2017



Meeting called to order, 28th February at 1900, by Club President Luke Quigley.


Absent without apologies:

Press and Publicity – Rob Stephens


Absent with apologies:

Press and Publicity – Tim Stedman

Ordinary Members – Hannah Hall

Men’s Captain – Dan Martyres

Merchandise Officer – Emily Beare

Fundraising Representative – Nicole Kelly

Team President – Charlotte Whiting

Treasurer – Matthew Smith

Club President – Luke Quigley

Secretary – Catherine Wilson

Mixed Captain – Eleanor Sinclair

Ladies Captain – Lucy Sharp

Social Secretary – Bryony Connor and Tom Walker

Sponsorship Officer – James Geary

Wellbeing Officer – Rowan Hancox

Ordinary Members – Jennifer Entwistle



1.Pegboard & club sessions

Luke discusses our badminton club sessions in regards to the peg board rota and the use of feather shuttles. Committee members need to check their allocated pegboard dates in order to ensure that club sessions run smoothly. Pegboard rota will continue up until term 3 week 10, whereby the new committee will take over.

Additionally, any team members using feather shuttles will need to ensure that they are put back in the tube to avoid ordinary members using them.



Club merchandise has been ordered and everyone was diligent in paying. We are still waiting on team and college merchandise, however there hasn’t been a date set for delivery.  This should hopefully be delivered in time for roses.



Tom described the latest social; Wednesday 1st March, quiz social. This will be held at glasshouse over on Hes East and will contribute to our charity fundraiser. Eleanor suggested creating a post to the Facebook committee page in order for committee members to contribute some prizes to the quiz. Matthew and Nicole have organised a bachelor/bachelorette auction as a break in the quiz rounds. Tom encouraged committee members to spread the quiz amongst friends so we can get a big turn out.

Wednesday Week 9 social will have the theme of cops and robbers. Tom has booked Alcuin JCRC for this event and taxis will be taken into town. The last social of the term will take place in D Bar and is themed bad taste. Bryony decided not to do a charity shop social beforehand as it encourages members to spend money.

Term 3 socials haven’t been organised yet, however the plan for next term is to have two socials. Week 3 will be the annual elections night, this will be held in Alcuin JCRC and result in the new committee for next year.



Charlotte handed in the form and so Grassington has confirmed that they have received the payment. Tom and Bryony are planning activities and food costs; this will be budgeted depending on money not payed on accommodation. A few days before the badminton holiday, Bryony is going to phone the travel company to finalise and confirm pick up and drop off locations. Tom is going to make sure that everyone will leave before the check out time on the Sunday. Tom is planning to do a big shop before the badminton holiday in order to get supplies for the weekend.


5.End of term tournament (EOTT)

Luke introduces the next topic with the idea of a mini tournament. This has been forced due to team taking up Sunday court time for Yorkshire League matches and lack of availability within the sports centre. Therefore, is it not possible to run a full EOTT and so Nicole and Luke have planned it to take place in week 1 term 3. Nicole and Luke have discussed opening up the tournament to University players, allowing Ladies A and Mens B to play. The set up will consist of 4 players within a team, 2 men and 2 women, each playing mixed and level doubles (4 games) to combine overall scores. Teams allowed are:


All 4 members from standard club

1 female and/or male from Mens C and/or Ladies B (these players cannot play together in individual games)

1 female or male from Ladies A or Mens B


Eleanor discussed the idea of Mens A team being allowed to play but this was denied due to a greater difference in playing ability.


In replacement of the traditional EOTT Luke has proposed a mini knockout tournament. This will consist of 16 mixed pairs and will be organised so that 1 v 2, 3 v 4, 5 v 6,……..,15 v 16. The winner/loser from each game will play the winner/loser from the game beneath them in the table. This will continue to advance until the quarter, semi’s and finals. This will happen during one of the club sessions where all four courts will be used to allow completion of matches. This will follow the traditional EOTT rules with regards to player entries; only open to college ability players. Luke will create a Facebook event detailing the tournaments set out and rules.

In spite of both EOTT’s being heavily mixed/doubles based this was the best way to get everyone involved. The committee also discussed an idea that was portrayed by Peter Fisher (badminton member) for a badminton college varsity. This will consist of players from any University team/club playing mixed, level and singles. A Facebook event will be created and rules and prizes will be posted when discussed between the committee.



Next term the current committee is coming to the end of its service and so elections have been planned for week 3. Luke encouraged current committee members to advertise their positions in club sessions/socials to gain as much interest as possible. We will have our final committee meeting during week 1 of next term to discuss any changes to the constitution.



Lucy raised a health and safety matter regarding recent footballs coming onto badminton courts during club sessions. This will be followed up by Luke and mentioned to the Sports Centre.

Rowan and Tom have been attending the equal opportunities (EO) meetings, the next one being on March 6th at 1800. The LGBTQ YUSU officer is arranging a small sports day this term during week 10 and Rowan has put forward badminton to take part. This will promote badminton as a club for the potential of new members joining in the next academic year. The committee has agreed to buy an outdoor badminton net for this event and keep it in the club cupboard for future use, however this is going to be discussed with Matthew. Furthermore, in the next academic year, Rowan has proposed that we shouldn’t assume a member’s gender and so let them choose their pronoun and pegboard colour.

Traditionally court time within term 3 is normally reduced, however due to the tent being completed late, Luke is going to try and keep our normal court time hours. If not, we may invest in some extra hours payed for by the club money (if there is some spare).


8.Presidents Weekend

Presidents Weekend is being held on the weekend of week 8 term 3. WATCH THIS SPACE!!


1945 meting adjourned