By- Election, EGM and Ratification Meeting 04.06.2018

Meeting called to order, 4th June 2018, by Club President Catherine Wilson

Quorum: 25

  • Catherine begins with EGM – Extra hour for club and RI membership- membership cost to increase from £20 to £25, dependent on RI negotiations

Results /25 :

  • In favour – 24
  • Abstain – 1
  • Against – 0


Catherine goes through the rules of voting

It is established that Alumni can’t vote as it states in the constitution

Both Alex and Oliver say their speeches

In first round of voting, Alex is announced as our new Sponsorship Officer (Congratulations!)

Meeting adjourned 23:07

Ratification Meeting Notes 06/06/2018 1:00pm

  • We propose our biggest change: to increase club membership from £20 to £25 in order to be able to buy Railway Institute (RI) memberships for team players
  • At the moment Badminton’s time as a whole is split between club and team
  • And team members say they do not get enough court time.
  • We understand that it’s hard for Uni to do so
  • But we argue that the RI is relatively cheap
  • This year was £60 membership and then free courts
  • But it’s increasing this year – we are still unsure what it will increase to
  • We budgeted £4000 assuming it went up by £40
  • At worst, we can have focus teams – ie. drop reserves
  • We have been emailing to try to arrange a meeting
  • It is a good resource
  • Last year we had coaching but this turned out to be a waste, extra courts is more useful
  • We have coaches already on the team to help run it
  • We are changing constitution slightly to say students can coach
  • Captains are going to feedback to team president more
  • And this method still benefits higher players because they can teach and then make use of more RI


  • All agree that transport is always going to cost
  • But Catherine says how we saved a lot of money this year through railcards
  • And then Men’s A was relegated so will not have to travel so far


  • Catherine also asks that for bookings, if team and club could be more easily distinguished
  • So we can see where the training and club times are
  • 5 hours a week for team is not lot compared to other uni teams


  • Feathered shuttles have also increased in price
  • Catherine and Hannah have submitted a YUfund for that


  • Local leagues
  • Took a lot of our training time last year.
  • We did split the training but then it was very confusing


  • Other expenses discussed:
  • Peg boards
  • Leeds friendly
  • Badminton England membership- need it to do it for YL and bronze tournaments


  • Other notes:
  • Email is better that wattsapp for communicating BUCs results and Luke and Zac say that’s fine.
  • Our aims for this year: to get up in the leagues in BUCs
  • And to create more of a team feel.


  • Luke proposes the possibility of morning sessions
  • 7-9am sessions?
  • But we agreed this is something we would have to look into.
  • It is difficult with numbers because we need at least 16 players

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