We organise termly club tournaments including a big end of year finale to give everyone a chance to play competitively outside of our club sessions! These are open to all club members as well as non-club members if you want to bring along friends. We also arrange equivalent tournaments by which only team players can enter.

Rules include:

General rules:

  • You can enter all three mixed, ladies/mens doubles, and singles
  • Players must complete group stages before progressing to semi-finals, etc
  • Those that come third in group stages will be entered into a wooden spoon competition
  • To enter you must write your name and partners (if applicable) and the discipline you wish to compete in on the associated Facebook event page
  • Entry is first come first served
  • Fees of entry to be paid on the day in cash, entering different amounts of disciplines will incur differing costs
  • A list of team players who are eligible and ineligible for each tournament will be posted for clarification

End of Term Tournaments:

  • All club members and non-members can enter
  • Mens A and B teams, as well as Ladies A are not allowed to enter
  • Mens C and Ladies B players are not allowed to play together
  • If a player is not on team but is considered that standard they will be denied entry or not permitted to play with other team players

End of Year Tournaments:

  • All members of team are allowed to play, HOWEVER they cannot play any doubles event with another team member
  • Anyone who is not on team but are deemed strong enough to play on team are also unable to partner with a team player

Team Tournaments:

  • Only team and former team players are allowed to enter
  • They can pair with any other team member of their choosing in any doubles event (e.g. someone from Mens A can pair with another from Mens A)
  • End of Term semi-finalists (or further) are allowed to enter the category in which this was acheived