Minutes – 26th September 2016

Meeting called to order, 26th September at 1600, by Club President Luke Quigley.

Absent with apologies:
Fundraising Representative – Nicole Kelly
Ordinary Member – George Hargreaves
Ladies Captain – Lucy Sharp

Club President – Luke Quigley
Secretary – Catherine Wilson
Treasurer – Matthew Smith
Team President – Charlotte Whiting
Men’s Captain – Dan Martyres
Mixed Captain – Eleanor Sinclair
Social Secretary – Bryony Connor and Tom Walker
Merchandise Officer – Emily Beare
Press and Publicity – Tim Stedman and Rob Stephens
Sponsorship Officer – James Geary
Wellbeing Officer – Rowan Hancox
Ordinary Member – Hannah Hall
Non-committee members – Alex Ingham
1. Introduction and Outline
Luke proposed the discussion topics for the committee meeting, which was followed by the recognition that Rowan is taking an Equal Opportunities Course as part of his new role of Wellbeing Officer. This was then advertised to the committee for them to join.

2. Roses Kit
Luke explained that this was more of a team issue than a club issue with regards to changing the team kit for roses. The team kit will be white in respect to the Yorkshire white rose and the Lancaster’s team kit red. The committee was excited and agreed.

3. Socials
The social cover photos for Facebook were uploaded onto the computer, each illustrated with the theme. Both socials secretary’s agreed on more non-drinking socials and outlined each social theme into two categories:

Drinking socials
Week 2 (October 5th) – College colours
Week 3 (October 12th) – Drinking Graffiti
Week 5 (October 26th) – Pub Golf
Week 6 (November 2nd) – Halloween
Week 7 (November 9th) – Cocktail bar crawl
Week 9 (November 23rd) – Heroes vs Villains
Week 10 (November 30th) – Christmas Meal/After Party/Cocktails

Non-drinking socials:
Week 2/3 – Quiz
Week 4 (October 19th) – Baking and board games
Secret Santa
Week 5 (October 24th) – PJ’s and Film
Week 8 – Trampoline Park
Due to lack of court time because the tent hasn’t been built, Tom and Bryony were talking about a film night for club members on Mondays. Matt Smith suggested the room P/X/001 which the committee agreed that would be a good place to hire out. For the Halloween theme, Bryony was talking about having prizes for the best costumes and forfeits for the worst costumes. The Christmas meal location hasn’t been decided yet but Tom and Bryony are looking into this.

All the committee agreed with the ideas and Luke suggested for Tom and Bryony to work with Rob and Tim and make events each week so that socials don’t get confused. Bryony wants to put an outline of the term socials as well onto the Facebook page.

4. Committee tops
The committee tops aren’t in time for freshers fair but Matt and Emily are working hard to get them as soon as possible. Emily had emailed the order on August 4th with confirmation that they will be here September 18th. Matt is going to get in touch with them and the committee agreed to wear badminton club merchandise for freshers fair.

5. Annual Leeds friendly
Due to less court time Luke has spoken to the Club President at Leeds to host the match away instead at York, the likelihood date for this will be November 13th (if anyone cares).

6. Court time
Tent is not ready (least surprising news) and as a result of this we have lost Mondays club session as we only have 5 hours of court time, in comparison to last year. This will be split between Thursday and Sunday, however extra funds will be put in place for extra bookings off campus. For non-campus court time the committee agreed to move the university team rather than club, as this would be more convenient to freshers and social players.

Bryony suggested for club to move off campus on Wednesday afternoons – the team wouldn’t be present due to BUCS matches and everyone has Wednesday afternoons off. This will be easier to direct freshers as people can volunteer to take them to courts

7. Freshers Fair
As freshers fair cant take place in the tent we have been allocated a stall in the main hall. This has restricted everyone’s space and so only 3 are allowed behind the stall. Luke will create a poll on the committee page to assign everybody to. The only exceptions is Tim and Rob as they will write everybody’s email down during the fair away from the badminton table. Freshers fair stalls are open 1000-1600. Due to health and safety reasons Issac (YUSU Sport President) has put a one way system into place, this means everyone will walk past our stall.

8. Club sessions
We aren’t going to use the peg board for the first couple of sessions as there will be too many people. Matt suggested that we use the first couple of college sessions as club, this will give club more court time. We could then move college towards the end of term and rearrange matches.

Charlotte walks in 1630

9. Team Trials
Charlotte explains that the court time has decreased significantly compared to last year and so this affects team trials as well. Initial team trials will be held Friday 30th September, 0900-1100. Callback will be split, males 1600-1830 and females at 1830-2000 on Sunday 2nd October. Initial trials are going to take place before freshers fair, although this is not ideal its the only court time the club could get. With this in mind the committee has agreed to publicise this as much as possible. It was then suggested to post on the college captains page for them to advertise this throughout the colleges, through both Facebook and emailing.

10. Focus teams
Men’s A and Women’s A have been selected for focus sports fitness sessions. This is to improve training and overall fitness of individuals.

11. Other matters
Tim mentioned about the first email which should be sent out. Luke replied Week 2.
Hannah Hall volunteered to seek out extra court time.
Charlotte mentioned doing fitness in James College.

Meeting adjourned 1645
Fun Fact: Sea otters hold hands when they sleep to keep from drifting apart.