Minutes 03.07.2019

Meeting Called to Order 3rd June at 17:00 in G/N/045A by Club President Katy Watson

Absent With Apologies

Wellbeing Officer – Alex Edwards


Social Secretary – Jai Chandarana

Press & Publicity – Ryan Mcshane


Club President – Katy Watson

Team President – Joshua Bracewell

Treasurer – Oliver Harris

Secretary – Jason Park

Ladies’ Captain – Laura Johnson

Mens’ Captain – Charlie Corke

Mixed Captain – Isobel Eastwood

Social Secretaries – Rachel Napier

Press and Publicity Officers – Kita Hennessey

Merchandise Officer – Cameron Smart

Fundraising Officer- Aaron Aspell

Sponsorship Officer – Alex Shanghavi

Club Representatives – Chris Oldnall and Jasmine Tang

Shoutouts to:

New full committee

Katy for getting everything organised and booking the room

Press & Publicity Officers and Club Representatives on the Ladies A vs Mens C profiles


Outline what each role has been doing and their aims for the summer/new academic year

Make sure everyone has a rough idea of what they should be doing in their roles and helping out with the committee in general

General Info


Try to keep it as 2 main people and stick to it as much as possible

Get used to it this term, especially because of Freshers week and term 1 next year


Everyone but tier 1 committee members log out of the email

Not working and confusing tier 1 members who need to know what is going on

Try to keep the Google Calendar on your phone if you can

Tier 1s will send relevant emails to the appropriate committee member


Boxes to organise everything in the store cupboard

Everything labelled and organised

Please put plastic shuttles back in the tube

This is the responsibility of the committee members on the pegboard

Team can use feather shuttles as long as it is only team members playing the games

Under the jurisdiction of the Team and Club President

Bring them back to the cupboard afterwards

Club President

Freshers week

Flyers and extra stuff for freshers week

Plan for a way for it to be less busy in the first few weeks

Split colleges within the first week so it is less busy so people can actually play some games. 

Invite the relevant college captains to the Monday/early club sessions so bigger opportunity for the college scene


Hopefully will get it, have an opportunity beginning of next year to apply again

Leeds Friendly

Try and get it organised for the next academic year again

The cupboard is getting organised

Tier 1 training day coming Thursday 7th June

Open Days 28th-30th of June

Possibly Durham friendly?

Colours Ball

Awards ceremony for sports awards

Try and get in on that action and get members nominated

Committee formal next year possibly?

Team President

The Leagues


3 teams 

Ladies in div 1

Men in div 1

Mixed in div 3

Going to their committee meeting over the summer

Secretary will go to that (28/08/19 then 04/09/19 for fixtures)

Trying to shift them onto Sundays from Fridays as much as possible

A local league 3 pairs doubles only 3 games each


Greater Yorkshire area

Round robin organised by Nicholas Rogers

Division 3

Men A got relegated last year

3 girls and 3 guys


5 teams

Mens a div 2

Mens b same as div 3

Mens c relegated to div 5

Ladies A relegated to div 2

Ladies B stayed the same to div 2

Possible issue with team player turnout during games generally across the board


Friday night and Sunday after club like the last academic year

Fridays most popular team training night

Trying to get Dennis Cleary as a coach on Fridays for 2 hours


Trying to keep it going as much as possible

Not as easy to refund money the coming academic year

Possibly a training session on tuesdays before matches to get into shape and playing mentality

Tier 1 are going to work on it as best as possible

RI is a recommendation but not a necessity 

Going to talk to the Ri about getting courts organise properly

YUSU cannot support us through it

Possibly approach RI as a club rather than individuals

Puts more responsibility for payment as an organisation on us but means that other student issues are not our responsibility


Match fees and get payment back from people as much as possible

Keep better track of getting payments from people

Set up so each captain from each team has a spreadsheet they have to update.

Change it to all online transfer

Captains are responsible

Set up a proper hierarchy

Treasurer will make a new account to get the match fees properly

Ask YUSU the official process for it

Scorecard photos have to take a photo of the scorecard and sent it to Secretary so we have an official record of the scores what happens.

Run any issue you have with club through Secretary as best as possible if not Club 

President and tier 1 will deal with it


Google doc on how to solve YUSU finance systems

All online to get a claim for money to be sorted

Will then get approved by the signatories which will be team pres, club pres and treasurer

E.g petrol, medals for tournaments etc.

Message Tier 1, ideally Treasurer

Budget is much less than last year. Going to solve it to the best of tier1’s/committee ability

Sponsorship officer going to get a sponsor as soon as possible

Deadline before committee tops are ordered so late august/very beginning of September

Merchandise Officer

Burgundy or Navy are popular ones

Committee tshirts do not have to be through Akuma

Turkish Company perhaps

Akuma design and stuff for next year’s committee kit.

Organise committee t-shirts to a better design/colour

Merch officer will redesign the committee tops

Committee Discussion

Fundraising Officer

Application for this tournament is this Friday

Team tournaments maybe will open up to more people

Tell college captains chat and see if college people are interested in playing.

Team tournament clashes with college courts

Will have to organise it as best as possible

Possibly using a college training session to finish the tournaments if required

Presidents weekend court times as an option

Raffles not for this end of year tournament

Possibly sort something out over the summer

All night badminton?

Staff have to be there all night to keep the courts open – unlikely

Trampoline have a 24hr bounce session

Is there an actual demand for it?

Probably will not going to happen

Mens Captain

Not much to do over the summer

Trials prep and court booking for the beginning of next year

Get a coach as well for next year

Get a coach for trials. In the constitution so have to be there

Possibly get Dan to be there as an external coach/person as the unbiased coach

As a separate note constitution has to be voted by the entire club in an AGM

Club president and tier 1 will go through and reevaluate the constitution

Already have a spreadsheet organised for team training/team stuff

Sponsorship Officer

Is going back and forth between York and London

If busy ask some club reps to do things as needed

Possibly be sponsored by the RI?

Charity sponsorship?

On the topic of making a bank account for team payments
an account for pizza?

Problem we get half price on everything not just pizza so hard to do online

Mainly for match fees rather than anything else

Get captains to sort it properly as needed. Set up a proper hierarchy to create a system of responsibility.


Mens side of team are especially bad at collecting payments

Badminton Company

Better deal for shuttles

Upgrading that deal or going to a different company

Press and Publicity Officers

Well done for the profiles

Newsletter in the works for this term/week/month

Club president will send a list to the press and publicity of what to do

Will make flyers for freshers over the summer

Update the website

Make it look presentable to the public

Maybe a new promo video for next year

Make badminton look cool and hip for the freshers

Take photos and videos of games as source material

Bbqs and socials as well

No alcohol as much as possible

For BBQs get non drinking drivers where possible

Alessandro works so will be difficult to get him do that

Maybe Alcuin quad?

Film the social events as well

Club Representative

Club photos

Luke Tang offered to take photos

Plan is for next Monday 10/06/2019

Problem is the weather so may get moved if the weather is not nice

Will have team, club and college photos

Get chairs and benches as required

Chris is willing to help out with whatever people need so go to him for any issues and help

Committee profiles

Jasmine will be back earlier so if people need help go to the Club Reps

Cheap shuttles from China

Ladies Captain

Better advertising of team trials

Tell college captains

Keep ladies group chat going

Ladies singles training at least 1 or 2 drills a week

Get coach to help out if we get one

Work with other tier 2 captains to help out with it

May need to get help and work out for the singles or doubles?

Get better and focused training as appropriate. 

Get some singles games in training as well 

Push people and encourage people as best as people can

At the start get two or three people to be able to play singles as well as doubles.

Maybe mix it up

Or maybe make it so that everyone is required to play at least one or two over the year

Mixed Captain

In charge of booking the accommodation for the BUCS individuals

Book it later but not too late

Wait for/find out dates 

What is BUCS Individuals

Go away for the weekend

Singles, doubles and mixed

Once you lose a game you are knocked out

Really high, good quality badminton from the universities that actually plan to go. Really good to watch

Need to get better organised and involved players need to be aware of timings, cost etc. 

Mixed captains and treasurer need to organise it properly

Fitness sessions for next year for team members

Push to increase fitness

Peter Fischer coming back? Organise fitness. Kishan Mistry interested in organising it?

Fitness sessions for team captains to be organising it for or separate from the official training sessions.

Team training organising

Weekly posts to outline what will happen going on in the sessions

Player of the week

Have an actual structure to the training

Feedback for what people want to work on/improve for after BUCS games.

Something to give back to the team captains

Surveys and actually use them/act on it

Better structure for better improvement

Social Secretaries

Organised social for week 8 and 9


No social for week 10 just a badminton night out

Over the summer think about the holiday and Christmas meal

Message previous social secs to get help and tips etc.

Keep in contact let tier 1 and other committee members know as much as possible


Possibly increase opportunity for team training/training for non team members to improve or get better

Do this by keeping tabs on college teams and college players

Responsibility of the team president to organise this

Possibly a separate group chat on an invite only basis

Better online resources made by the club?

Training videos/tips and tricks to get better

Possibility of getting a training session for an hour at the end of college games ran by team members for college players only


Ladies A vs Mens C: 06/06/19

New Committee Training Day: 07/06/19

EOYT: 08/06/19

EOTT: 09/06/19

Meeting Adjourned: 19:00