Minutes 04.10.17

Meeting called to order, 4th October at 18:08, by Club President Tom Walker

Late with apologies

Claire – Sponsorship Officer

Dan – Men’s captain

Ciara- mixed captain


Club President – Tom Walker

Team President – Tim Stedman

Treasurer – Catherine Wilson

Secretary – Katy Watson

Ladies’ Captain – Judith Peatman

Social Secretary – Jennifer Entwistle and Sam Field

Merchandise Officer – Pablo Garcia Thomas

Press and Publicity Officers – Umair Asif and Steph Gardner

Fundraising Officer – Nikhil Kotecha

Wellbeing Officer – Rowan Hancox

Ordinary Members – Mason Duke and Jonny Eastwood

Fresher’s fair

  • Tom praises everyone for doing a good job – everyone was chatty and friendly
  • (Claire arrives)
  • Tom asks for improvements
  • Steph suggests Google sheets to save typing up and inscrutable handwriting

Club & Pegboard

  • Tom explains there has been a punctuality issue
  • Especially important at this point because freshers are there early
  • At club no team feathers are to be given out
  • But you can bring your own
  • We are going to limit amount of games you can request to one per person
  • Try and remember games played to mix up on peg board too
  • Might not start peg board rota next Monday as it’s still very busy
  • Leaving two free sessions for a week
  • Then will start a register and guest peg in a week’s time
  • Laptop/ tablet will be present at most sessions to avoid people not paying
  • Tom has bought a tablet to help keep track
  • Music at club received with a positive response
  • Everyone needs to be social at club
  • People are welcome to swap peg boards, just need to let Tom know
  • Please arrive 10 mins before session if you’re on peg board
  • Padlock reminder- make sure code is not changed
  • Tim reminds us that the friendly groundsman helped them last time he broke it
  • We have to keep an air of professionalism at club
  • If you have an issue with the committee please talk to the committee
  • (Dan and Ciara arrive)
  • Tim says we’re all open to criticism
  • Tom reminds the remaining committee members to buy their membership

Equal Opportunities

  • Rowan went to the EO talks last term
  • Tom says we need to push to make sure we’re abiding by the EO laws we’ve signed
  • Rowan explains they talked about racism, sexism
  • Tim asks what can we do, Rowan says it’s fairly basic stuff
  • If you see it happening you need to go and tell someone
  • Tom suggests people attending ‘Look After Your Mate Free Mental Health Training Session’ on Tuesday
  • Claire, Jen and Nikhil offer to go
  • Another EO thing we need to consider is wheelchair badminton
  • Tom goes through the rules on his powerpoint to help us know in case someone does come in a wheelchair
  • Jen asks if we’re going to do any more inclusive sessions
  • Rowan says they did the LGBQT sports day last summer
  • Tom suggests organising the Liberation session
  • Pablo suggests a disability hour
  • Tom agrees but doesn’t want to separate people either
  • Rowan also points out we shouldn’t assume people’s gender
  • We all agree
  • Non-binary people will be based on ability as to what games they would play



  • Tim begins by saying trials went well
  • Brian the new coach is a “solid guy”
  • 40 people this year in team
  • Still trying to get a few more memberships sorted
  • Tom jumps in- we don’t get the grant until we get a certain amount of members
  • Tim broaches idea of team captains and vice captains in case, maybe a fresher to help them feel included
  • Also creating a team report to see who’s doing well
  • For train tickets there’s a badminton Trainline account set up by Catherine
  • Catherine: now everyone can access the tickets on the trainline on that device
  • Team captains will sort that though
  • Jonny asks about the role of vice-captain
  • It is clarified: Team captains will collect match fees which will pass it onto Tim and then to Treasurer
  • Vice is to get people involved ready for the future
  • Dan asks about posting more on the club page to provide integration
  • Umair says they’ll include BUCs matches in the newsletter
  • Could get people to support
  • Nikhil says that we need to make it explicit that we are watching players in club
  • Dan suggest a retrial to have a more official reshuffle at somepoint
  • Steph says that lots of people have been confused about the differences between club and team
  • Tim suggests discussing it in the sub committee
  • Mason voices his concern- Dan says they would include everyone at retrials
  • Tim emphasizes they’ve got a good team, it’s difficult to accept more
  • And there is the difficulty to reimburse people who have already payed


  • First social tonight!! We have at least two freshers coming
  • Tom admits he put the wrong date for comedy soc night but we all agree that won’t make too much of an impact
  • Tom shows us the posters for the upcoming socials
  • Sam explains we have an alternate system, one week more dress up, one less so
  • They will put out posts every Thursday
  • Jen has booked the Christmas meal at the Hilton
  • 3 course (vegans and vegetarians catered)
  • Tom says a funny (but not funny) story about meeting a lady from Hilton
  • And Sam has already paid the deposit
  • Badminton holiday options
  • Jen and Sam decided on one that looks the best – Cote Gyhll Mill
  • Everyone gets really excited about a day out to the pool
  • Ticks most of the boxes
  • Salvos card dilemma- only have 20 cards
  • 13 to be given to committee
  • Lacking in pictures on socials, need to share them with press and publicity
  • (Rowan leaves)

Social Media

  • We need more pics for Instagram from socials and club
  • If you log into snapchat you need to tell Tier 1
  • Tom says especially in light of a recent Facebook incident where ex members dented our professionalism
  • Tom shows us how to reply to Facebook messages- there are saved replies
  • Steph has made a promo video but it didn’t load
  • Any ideas for website let Press and Publicity know
  • There is some outdated information on the college captain page


  • Tom and tier one have decided to do a Movember session: Members pay £1 to get a fake moustache to help charity
  • Planned for first Monday in November
  • Catherine says we need to check how much it will cost
  • Tom wants to do a meet the committee campaign
  • Need to make a google sheet
  • Team profiles too?
  • Asks for suggestions for extra campaigns we could do .


  • College are allowed to use club rackets but not at the same time as club and not shuttles
  • Still unsure who the college coordinator will be
  • Tom emphasises that there’s no one in the who college shouldn’t be at club
  • Committee tops will be ordered soon
  • Pablo needs to send another email
  • Tim and Tom have a president’s meeting tomorrow.
  • I suggest applying for the Bronze Accreditation Scheme
  • Tim and Catherine panic about something
  • Mason reveals he’s college co-ordinator

Subcommittees Split


  • Tim says they want team tournaments which would have players handicapped towards the end of the term
  • Captains just really want a team tournament
  • Because end of term tournament excludes team
  • They wouldn’t be so hard to organise and it would raise money
  • Team and Catherine’s sub committee to organise it
  • Everyone needs to reply to Mason’s meet the committee form

Meeting adjourned 19:36