Minutes- 05.06.2017

Meeting called to order, 05th June at 1700, by Club President Tom Walker

Absent with apologies:

Men’s Captain – Dan Martyres

Mixed Captain – Ciara Linehan

Fundraising Officer – Nikhil Kotecha



Club President – Tom Walker

Team President – Tim Stedman

Treasurer – Catherine Wilson

Secretary – Katy Watson

Ladies’ Captain – Judith Peatman

Social Secretary – Jennifer Entwistle and Sam Field

Merchandise Officer – Pablo Garcia Thomas

Press and Publicity Officers – Umair Asif and Steph Gardner

Wellbeing Officer – Rowan Hancox

Sponsorship Officer – Claire Geller

Ordinary Members – Mason Duke and Jonny Eastwood

Tom welcomes new committee members


Presidents’ weekend

  • Friday 9th: quiz night and unofficial afterparty.
  • Saturday 10th: Court time 10am-4pm and Presidents’ meal in the evening
  • Sunday 11th: Court time 9am- 2pm, followed by Black Bull for food and bowling in the evening.
  • On the Sunday: College courts still on overlap by half an hour
  • There will be no team training during this time.
  • Bowling has been scheduled for half six so people have time to do both college matches and bowling
  • Luke and Charlotte are sorting the organisation of the court times and peg board.
  • Everyone will be in the hall for the club times and team times
  • Committee photo at Presidents’ was suggested.



  • Nikhil will not be here to organise it on the day.
  • Still in need of some more female players.
  • Asked if medals are to be presented at Presidents’ for EOYT but was agreed it was too costly.


From Sunday Week 9

  • An extra half an hour has been added to both club and team (location will be split between hall and arena)



  • Tom reminds everyone on pegboard to clean up the box afterwards.


Upcoming club events:

  • Wednesday 14th: Men’s C vs Ladies A – We want the committee to encourage lots of people to go and support
  • P&P to take photos and do a live stream. It is suggested they ask around for a tripod. Tim suggests doing both a live and recorded video.
  • It is discussed whether to use all three courts or not. It is decided that it depends on numbers
  • This will be taking place after team, club, and college photos in the morning in which the committee are to help prepare and organise



  • Wednesday social planned- still unsure for the location of pre-drinks, it might have to be V bar or a room in Halifax.
  • BBQ Friday 16th – in the case of bad weather, no alternative has been decided.


College games:

  • To take place the weekends of week 8 and 9
  • Week 9 to have a mini tournament format
  • In respect to which college should been inscribed for term one on the college shield, the previous president was going to put Halifax since they did the best in college varsity but this was contested because James did the best in college too.
  • So, the decision was made by Tom and the committee to leave it blank.
  • Tom wants to encourage the college trophy to be ready and complete for Presidents’ in order to be presented at Presidents’ in the future.


Freshers fair:

  • We will have a stall Saturday of fresher’s week.
  • 3-4 people on the stall so a rota will be set up.
  • Sign- up sheets will be there.


Committee tops have been ordered (in maroon? Pablo nods).



  • Website update needed. This must be done over summer.
  • Committee wants a promo video filmed of both team and club.
  • Organise a date with Tim so the team can be in uniform.


Facebook page:

  • The select people who see it need to reply.
  • Saved messages are available for easy replies.
  • If in doubt, talk to relevant member .
  • Same goes for emails. And it is reminded that emails should be labelled.
  • President and Secretary are to look over all messages on Facebook and email.


Racket grant application:

  • Is being sorted out


Sponsorship Input Sponsorship:

  • Suggested by Claire
  • But Tom raises the concern of we cannot break the code of conduct- we must have a legally binding contract
  • Claire will consider it in more detail


Announcement of new signatories:

  • Katherine, Tim, and Tom

Split into sub committees to discuss things further

Meeting adjourned 1800


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(It’s my first minutes so here’s a cute tiger because they’re my favourite animal!)