Minutes 07.10.2019

Meeting Called to Order 7th October at 5pm in G/N/002 by Club President Katy Watson

2nd committee meeting starting at 07/10/2019 at 5pm

People who did not/can not make it to this meeting without pardon

  • Aaron

People excused with reason

  • Oliver
  • Cameron
  • Ryan

People who arrived late

  • Kita
  • jasmine

Committee meeting starts

Welcome back everyone

First committee meeting back for the new year

Thanks to committee for helping with freshers fair and tonight’s club sessions

Over 550 sign ups at fresher’s fair

Remember to buy club and team membership for committee

Peg board is everyone going to help rotate and socialise with everyone

This week is Halifax, Langwith, Constatine and Alcuin

Have the new rackets they are very nice

Promote the social: back 2 skool

Get the whiteboard down and draw on it – social sec’s job or PnP

Give it a go session tomorrow 11am – will check and let everyone know.

If it is successful, we may run it again. Initially just one of session.

When at the club session must check the memberships for them to get a peg.

Encourage to buy the membership when they are there to get the peg.

Now have access to the back pages so can finally check. Can start doing new pegs for everyone.

Physical copy of there guest names and their guest pegs.

Try and reinforce buying club membership and try to keep an eye out for recurring faces that still haven’t bought memberships/ using guest pegs.

Keep club rackets by the courts and not individually.


Sorting out all the match transport etc for everyone.

Team captains check teams for rail cards

Subsidise £10 for railcards for team members

Make spreadsheets to keep track of people paying match fees last years

Delegate to the captains to chase players for match fees.

Can use bank transfer to transfer money.

Merch officer

committee kits been sorted

we have a store so need someone who has access to Facebook and email.

Merch will be sent to homes and can be bought whenever you want

Team kit is being sorted. Same as last year. Not using the new white kit that Akuma has been pushing.

Thanks to Cam for designing the club committee kits.

Get Active slide.

having emails from a guy called Reece for a multiple sport in one day kind of thing

asked badminton to run it

we are not sure if we can or not.

Asking if we can help run it.

Equipment will have to be ours to use not theirs.

No commitment. Problems. Wear and tear on our equipment.

Is it our responsibility to say yes? Do we have to say yes? They want us to run it.

They have 2 sessions a week and 2nd session clashes with our club times on Thursdays.

Initially thought it was a good idea but may be impossible/not feasible.

 Also a bit too demanding, especially on Thursday sessions where we already struggle with people and numbers anyway.

Katy will message and will feed back.


College is changing this year.

They are trying to do a membership where you can have access to all college sport and also get a free t-shirt

Not very suited for badminton so we will see how it goes.

Trying with Alcuin, James and Vanbrugh – other colleges will have the old system to see how it goes.

Not ideal for people who do one or two sports but will see how it goes.

Bought shuttles for college – money given by YUSU.

Please do not use them for club.

 They are in mesh bags with each college written on them not for club use.

Responsibility on college captains to keep their equipment safe.


Thanks to Jason and Charlie for going to the fixtures meeting for Y and D

2 weeks before team trials we had preseason and a few training sessions

Mainly Charlie’s drills

Had team trails on the 06/10/2019

Booked Jamie for coach to oversee everything

Booked a coach for team training this year. Have about 6 training sessions with him.

 No RI reimbursement this year.

Nagging everyone to do BUCS Play to get it for team members.

Sports conference did not explain how to use the app properly but still waiting on YUSU and Tatenda to approve the players to actually play. No one knows how to use the app yet.

Mens A away at Durham

Mens B 1pm Durham 3rds

Ladies a vs ladies b

Dennis coming on the 18th October.



Salvos Cards

Got an email at one point about salvos cards but haven’t got a response since

Will solve it. Remind katy.

Will/can get resolved if we peaceful protest.

What has Katy done

Started remodelling the constitution

Adding the EO policies in the constitution

Chris is the EO officer for YUSU

Working on and adding to EO and see what we can do to be more inclusive and be proactive in doing so.

Actually going to add policies to the official constitution

Organised the shuttles and rackets.

Lots and lots of emails to try and organise everything

York Parties contacted UYBC about organising a social for badminton.

 Possibly message Adam about that to follow up.


We did not get YuFund last year.

 Its okay we have more money in our account last year than we expected.

 Also have access to the back pages.

Looking to book holiday abroad for next year.

Have Malham YHA for this year. 47 spaces up to 51.

Still thinking about the holiday in Alicante.

 Deposit of £2500 the deposit as well as some of the payment.

Will be roughly £155 accommodation for the week per person.

 Anything more than £120 yer getting mugged.

 What happens if we don’t get 30 people to actually go.

A few of us would contribute to pay the deposit now.

 There is still a cancellation date with 100% reimbursement.

 Get the full deposit back as well. Need to figure out when is best for everyone to actually go. Requested 21st-26th june

Possibly release tickets after Christmas.


What have been planned

Zizzi’s for Christmas meal.

They have nice food and cocktails.

 Don’t usually do drinks without food.

Can possibly preorder drinks.

Can work things out for us.

Drink on arrival for £25 meal.

Possibly Press Kitchen.

Can go up and buy cocktails etc. Zizzis seems on it.

Spoke to Dandrew the photographer about it. Should be free.

Possibly try to sell as many seats as possible.

Not selling out the whole area but will try to.

£100 deposit.

Talk about it later.

Events on badminton account should be available on the badders account.

Back 2 skool, space, quiz night, possibly rugby social: just a few of the thought social.

No grafitti or shirt signing social. Overruled by Katy. Too risky.

Other feedback

Change the dates on the calendar and pay Nicholas Rogers.


Need some extra money.

 Possibly some extra money from different companies in leeds.

A package deal? Weekly handouts or something on our social media and email newsletters. Sooner the better.

Stuff going on with sponsorship


Preseason sessions have run really well.

Good feedback overall.

Made a mixed page to add all the team members to.

Issy will sort the mixed page out and ask/orgainse it.


Newsletter was very good and thank you for being on it during freshers fair.

Let Kita and Ryan know about any information that needs posting and letting people know about it.


Making a more equal union in the university

A 3 phase project attending many different clubs and looking at how it operates to make it more equal and better.

 Involves a lot a feedback.

 Club in badminton is generally quite diverse and promoting clubs pretty equally overall.

Team trials have to be independent.

 Give it A Go tomorrow as well.

 £2 as well.

EO talk at the sports conference.

Reassessment with seeing who could possibly be part of team.

Contacting the disabled students network to see if people want to join.

Involvement of mature students joining?

 Went to the Wentworth Fair to get people joining. See how mature students work, GSA and stuff like that.

 Don’t necessarily have a way into badminton we have to be the ones moving forward.

More giving back, especially for a big work.

We don’t do enough charity work. More quizzes and raffles etc. giving back to more charities.

In the past we had to go to committee members or approach someone to talk about issues or problems.

Was quite daunting.

Now we have a google form that is more private that only goes to Alex then to Katy and then Katy makes a decision to either escalate it or keep it contained.

Make sure committee watches their language and their behaviour especially during club times.


Very highly first aid trained now.

Committee profiles were organised and sorted out.

Have conflict management

 Self defence

Mental health training etc.

Possibly better signposting about mental health and stuff on the page and websites.

Reordered the page to make posts a priority.


EOTT not team tournament.

Standard rules apply.

The people angry about not making trials to possibly bridge the gap between college and team to see if they are good enough etc.

Possibly organise more organised structured sessions on Sunday and Thursday.

Meeting Adjourned: 6.45pm

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