Minutes – 09.05.2017

Meeting called to order, 09th May at 2000, by Club President Tom Walker


Absent with apologies:

Fundraising Officer – Nicole Kelly

Merchandise Officer – Emily Beare



Club President – Tom Walker

Team President – Tim Stedman

Treasurer – Catherine Wilson

Secretary – Catherine Wilson

Men’s Captain – Dan Martyres

Ladies’ Captain – Judith Peatman

Mixed Captain – Ciara Linehan

Social Secretary – Jennifer Entwistle and Sam Field

Fundraising Officer – Nicole Kelly

Merchandise Officer – Emily Beare

Press and Publicity Officers – Umair Asif and Steph Gardner

Wellbeing Officer – Rowan Hancox

Sponsorship Officer – Claire Geller

Ordinary Members – Mason Duke and Jonny Eastwood

Other – Charlotte Whiting


  1. Pegboard

Tom has completed and posted the pegboard rota on the committee page. For the new positions to be filled, they will cover the pegboard when needed, if a current committee member cannot attend their allocated slot. Tom advertised that the committee should be at club 10 minutes early if they are on pegboard and to ensure that the box, including the shuttles, are properly put away. For the club games, the committee should mix individuals so that club can be more integrated and games are not the same. Tom also is going to change the club pegboard so that they are easier to carry and can fit in the cupboard properly. The committee have also decided to introduce whiteboard pegs, so that each badminton guest can be called by their name. This follows transgender rights in respect that individuals are not subjected to classification that contradicts their self identification.


  1. Club Sessions

Club sessions will continue to be played on Mondays (1900-2200) and Sundays (0900-1030), this will hopefully be increased in week 7 due to the completion of exams in the sports centre. If needed, the committee will decide if extra courts will be needed, if there is lack of court time after exams.


  1. Elections

Tom congratulates the committee on their positions and discusses the outcomes of the AGM and Elections. Due to the popularity of the questions asked at the initial election, Tom has raised the point of having a singles court at club sessions. Tom had asked the club representatives to ask around club about their opinion on the change. The general consensus was that it would be desirable but not feasible. Despite this, the committee has agreed that this should be trialled at a quieter club session. The games will be full court singles to 11, to allow rotation of other members onto the court.


  1. Team

Tim informs the committee that team sessions are now on Wednesdays (1400-1600) and Sundays (1030-1200). These sessions will be split into a group session and a focus session, for the tiers in team to be paired with each other. Sam has asked whether the team will keep their traditional sessions, due to lack of attendance this year Tim will speak to Annie (Sports Development Coordinator) regarding a change in court time if necessary. Tim has suggested that team training should be split into fitness and games, perhaps organising the fitness aspect outside of the court. If the club has spare money, the committee have agreed to booking out a hall for this purpose, instead of using 22 Acres. This will also provide more court time for those who are attending sessions. Tim has also stressed about the fluidity of the team and the commitment team members must make. Tim also informed the committee that team members are selected case by case and that some players are invaluable to the club. Individuals commitment will also be taken into account, as people go home during weekends and some have weekend jobs. Tim suggested posting a poll to team page to find an effective time for players and creating a register for team attendance.

After speaking with the press and publicity officers, Tim wants to introduce a more supporting attitude towards our BUCs games and to utilise social media, in order to make badminton more of a spectator sport. Umair has proposed the use of snapchat and Instagram to advertise games, in addition to the social media page already set up. Jennifer recommended that we post all fixtures to the page for the year and update match changes where necessary. This will be published on the newsletter along with college matches and results. Mason also proposed that we promote college varsity and roses in the same way.


  1. End of Term Tournament

After the by-election, taking place on Monday 15th, the badminton club will hopefully appoint a new fundraising officer. Tom will then organise another committee meeting to discuss the end of term tournament dates and eligible players. The committee will then decide who is allowed to play and this event will be advertised by the press and publicity officers. Mason has suggested ending the academic year using the classic format for the tournament, which the committee agreed with.


  1. Committee

The committee will hopefully be completed on Monday at the by-election and so the pegboard rota can easily be filled. Furthermore, the committee have agreed to having positions on the back of their tops and Tom will make a poll on the committee page regarding colour and sizes. Tom also has raised the fact that we are a team and if anyone is struggling with anything, they can use other people in the committee to share the workload. Additionally, the committee cannot promise to keep secrets that members may want to share and so to discuss these personal issues with tier 1 and Rowan.


  1. Bi-Election

Tom had informed the rest of the committee that Bryony Connor has resigned from her position as fundraising officer. The positions needed to be filled on the committee are secretary, fundraising officer and merchandise officer. The committee cannot use their own roles to promote other candidates but can individually support them. The by-election will be ran in the same format as the initial election, using the same voting system and speech time. The previous committee member will ask the running candidates a question after the speeches are given in that tier. If anyone has any questions to ask for the candidates email club president, Tom Walker. Applications to positions will close on Sunday after the club session (1030).


  1. AGM

The committee have agreed on the following changes to the constitution:


A slight increase in the team membership fees

This increase will not affect club membership costs.

The main reasons for the increase are the rise in shuttle prices and court costs.

The committee have agreed to increase the price of team membership by £20, in order to cover the clubs cost on travel and more court time for local league matches. Additionally, the coach that Tim is working with is also more expensive than previous years. This was proposed we should increase fees by the previous committee as the badminton club will still be one of the cheapest sport teams on campus.


Adding polices to the constitution to abide by the code of conduct that YUSU provides.

This is to ensure the committee runs the club correctly and to the standard expected by YUSU.

These points have been emailed out to members and will be voted at Mondays by-election, changes will be made where necessary.


  1. External Businesses

The club has been having some issues regarding external businesses using the club and club events to advertise. With agreement to the YUSU policy, the club cannot endorse private companies without a sponsorship in place. Tom will therefore message the coach to inform them on the Universities polices. Tim has also highlighted that players should not need to feel obligated to pay for extra training sessions, both for financial reasons of the individual and the ability needed to maintain not team. Players within the club have the right to attend these sessions; however, the Universities name will not be advertised in the sessions, in Facebook posts/events or otherwise. This will be made clear, if voted in, within the badminton constitution. It will be posted on the event page on Facebook that members can vote, despite not being there.


  1. Socials

Jennifer has made a list of social theme ideas and wants to advertise the non drinking socials as much as the drinking socials. Sam proposed the idea of having a drinking and a non drinking social each week in order to integrate the club members. Mason suggested contacting D bar to see if the badminton club could get the pool tables for free. Jennifer and Sam are going to look into this. The committee have also agreed to charge for the badminton BBQ (£2 members and £3 non members).


  1. Social Media

Tom informs the committee that the Social Group page on Facebook is not an official badminton page and so can be used for non formal communication to members. The committee is to remain professional on their own personal accounts; they are representing the university and badminton club. Luke Quigley (former Club President) and Charlotte Whiting (former Team President) will remain admins on the page due to communication with presidents’ weekend. The admins to the account are those in tier 1 positions, the press and publicity officers and social secretaries.

Furthermore, other social media such as Instagram and snapchat will be used more frequently this year, to further advertise the badminton club and it’s events. Committee members should tag emails within the badminton account to avoid confusion and so that emails can be answered quickly.


  1. College

The committee have voted on keeping college rules the same; individuals on either Mens A, Mens B or Ladies A cannot play in college matches. It has also been decided that if a member plays more than 5 time for these teams, then they cannot play college. Each case will be discussed by the committee and voted at the time. Following this, Tim is going to implement a more concrete badminton team in order to avoid this issue. This will ensure that team is kept as competitive as possible. Players not able to play will be posted on the captain’s page so that everyone is kept within the loop. In addition, the official BUCs rules is that once the A teams have been put forward, a player can only play up to 3 times to these teams.

Within the badminton constitution, during college games and college matches, players cannot use racquets owned by the club. The college sports officers, college badminton fixture coordinator, and college SA/JCRC should provide shuttles for games and college training sessions. However, if no one can supply the shuttles then the badminton club will. This will also be raised at the EGM in order to change the constitution regarding this (college players can use rackets but not shuttles). This provides everyone with an equal opportunity to play in college matches but does not have such a high financial impact on the club.


  1. AOB

The committee should attend equal opportunities talk throughout the year

Fresher’s fair rota will be put up nearer the time


Sub committee teams have been introduced and are as follows:

Treasurer – Merchandise Rep, Sponsorship Officer and Fundraising Rep

Team President – Men’s, Mixed and Ladies Captains

Secretary – Press and Publicity, and Social Secretaries

Club President – Club Representatives and Well Being Officer


Meeting adjourned 2140


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