Minutes- 09.05.2018



Absent with apologies:

Merchandise Officer – Jason Park

Team President – Giles Hepworth

Club Representatives – Isabel Eastwood


Club President – Catherine Wilson
Treasurer – Hannah Hepworth
Secretary – Katy Watson

Men’s Captain – Jonny Eastwood
Ladies’ Captain – Isla Crooks
Mixed Captain – Oliver Hall
Social Secretary – Kishan Mistry and Steph Cohen

Fundraising Officer – Mason Duke
Press and Publicity Officers- Louis Pitsch and Alva von Pistohlkors
Wellbeing Officer – Bryony Connor
Sponsorship Officer – TBC
Club Representatives and Pablo Garcia Thomas

  • We are welcomed by our new president, Catherine!!
  • This meeting follows a 30min handover meeting


  • We’re a family
  • Degree comes first, C encourages us to help each other
  • More meetings planned
  • 3 a term plus informal
  • Please attend club sessions so members get to know us
  • Drive

  • Can access team drive through the drive
  • Password to be updated soon
  • We also have a website
  • Catherine goes through other forms of social media


  • Rota is on the committee page
  • Catherine will remind us on the day too
  • Arrive 10 mins before club session
  • Old and new people are paired up together
  • Just make sure you message in advance to swap

    Cupboard and courts

  • Please keep tidy! Club is middle shelf
  • College captains can use rackets but not shuttles
  • Club sessions are Monday 19:00-22:00 and Sunday 10:00-12:00
  • Team sessions? For Friday weeks 5679 and Sunday 679 (8 is presidents) (these courts all need to be booked)


  • Cash membership for people who don’t have memberships right now
  • Could YUSU get angry? A possibility but will probably only have a couple of people
  • Committee people be aware of this and direct people to Hannah
  • Cash memberships for alumni for next year- too much trouble last year
  • Increase to £25 next year and keep team the same – decision to be finalised on a vote and have an EGM
  • Provisional votes: 16 members, 12, in favour 1 abstaining 3 against
  • Constitution wise Catherine also want to change that team membership excluding club can run for committee

    By election for sponsorship officer

  • Katy and Catherine to be returning officers
  • Advertise position!
  • Will probably be taking place Dbar Monday week 8
  • Email to be sent out week 7
  • Will also change constitution that week


  • Hands over to Kish and Steph
  • Possible BBQ
  • Not entirely sure if any are going to happen this term or will have to wait until next year
  • Social week 8?
  • YUSU is to discuss Salvo
  • Ideas: Karaoke?? Board games

    EOYT and EOTT

  • Mason to organise for week 9
  • Team can’t enter with team
  • Same prices as last tournaments, £4, 7 and 10
  • Jonny wants to propose a new idea for EOTT
  • Usually 4 pairs in a group, top two go through and play off
  • What if you have 6 pairs in a group and enable team to play with team
  • And then this is a separate thing
  • Team want to play in EOTT
  • Team players feel they aren’t benefitting from club membership because they can’t play in club tournaments
  • They want a plate to see cross over
  • Con: It would take more time
  • And team court time could be involved
  • Tim says club tournament is club for a reason
  • Integration is a still a problem
  • Socialising is an unquantifiable thing
  • Jonny pushes for plate set up for EOYT
  • But a lot of club non team players don’t see the point of the separation because a consolation prize isn’t fair
  • For college level it is good
  • Perhaps it is possible to introduce team to EOTT
  • Catherine summarises:
  • Club tournaments are for club, it’s fun, it’s lightly competitive
  • Then EOYT is separate and there is an added value in this
  • Dan adds: team tournament after club tournament did help integration
  • We just have to be careful to find right way
  • Small events? A silent auction alongside EOYT- prizes and people bid for the prize and the committee gives
  • People to let Mason know – post in chat what they can offer
  • And book courts for 8 hours for this ASAP


  • Email for by election week 8 (Mon 4th June)
  • Committee should all try to be there
  • Also team/not team results page
  • Something that can be soted after exams
  • And promote EOYT
  • Equal opportunities talks to be publicised


  • (Jason who isn’t here)
  • Catherine suggests leggings and girls shorts (yes pls!), some new things
  • Committee tops to be done over summer
  • All be helpful to Jason
  • Mason suggests vests
  • Roses kit?
  • Would it work out before we play? We could pick a different brand so possibly

    College badminton

  • College fixture coordinator will be picked at the beginning of next year
  • We don’t need to worry about


  • To be voted on
  • Increase club membership
  • Student coach for team- rewording?
  • Doesn’t want to do it for money

    Positions and Policies

  • (At this point we all run through our promises we made at the elections, with a few other discussions in between)
  • Catherine: increase club fees, and RI membership for team, YU Fund
  • Katy: Bronze tier membership – need to create a purely charitable event
  • Other ideas suggested:
    • A school sports day?
    • King of the court?
    • Fun run
    • Baking and Board games with extra fee for charity?
  • We need recognition from YUSU
  • Overnight badminton is not feasible
  • Pablo (goes back a bit) Will termly membership increase if club does?
  • Catherine says they will discuss but probably yes.
  • Laura (also side-tracks) Team results page is a really good idea.
  • Catherine agrees it would help communication – last year there was not enough communication and tier 3 did not know what was going on.
  • And Giles still wants to have team meetings but only to analyse players
  • Mason also adds how the club/college relationship was poor this ear
  • I say about the leagues layout and say if we were to enter a mixed Y&D league we would be at the bottom. I am to look into it.
  • Catherine asks me to organise the Leeds friendly for club
  • Or possible other friendlies
  • Isla: will be picking aladies team, organise Y&D
  • Hannah asks about how reserves would they be picked for matches
  • Isla said she will do what she did last year as B tema captain: have the reserves ranked and go through the list
  • Jonny: will focus on training and pirs. Also plnss to move trials forad for Roses and BUCs nationals. Wants to look more at boundaries because last year it did change a lot.
  • Dan asks about refunds for team players who get kicked off. Catherine replies by suggesting they would probably do it informally.
  • Kish asks that in the case of low turnouts, would more players not on team get invited?
  • Jonny says yes.
  • Laura says that college captains should be consulted too.
  • Catherine suggests the possibility of edge of team players paying a bit for some coaching
  • Jonny asks if people were responsive on polls, Dan says not really but it is agreed that if they are not being responsive then they will lose out.
  • Louis and Alva: Social media, live streaming and will advertise these, promo videos, news campus media, attract freshers
  • Catherine reminds the committee we have a club camera
  • Laura suggests f we use the cub or social group as a results page.
  • Bryony: will let people know who she is and will go to things- will let college captains know too. Could also have a small section for feedback on Equal Opportunity talks.
  • It is suggested that the minutes be shared widely, which I will certainly do
  • Possibly get a new programme for the website over summer, it is quite difficult to use.
  • Mason says he can help because he does computer science
  • Pablo: wants to help committee and represent the club (while he maintains he is not playing a game)
  • Izzy is one of the three not here, but Mason says he needs someone like the Club Reps to help him with the EOYT because he struggled taking money and running it at the college one.
  • Mason: 1) Fun tournaments in addition to the EOTT and EOYT 2) Get EOYT to have extra money raised alongside 3) organise raffle prizes for free.
  • Meet the committee cards also need to be completed, probably by the Club reps.
  • Hannah: Help Catherine
  • Catherine reiterates that it’s hard to be treasurer because people don’t pay their match fees.
  • In the situation like the men’s team have found themselves in, Tim is going to pay and then chase up the outstanding fees himself
  • Also asked if there will be refunds for training because team players felt like they did not get their money’s worth.
  • No, but hopefully RI membership will sort out a lot of problems for next year, so it won’t happen again
  • Laura asks what would be done in the case of low attendance, and they would be replaced.
  • Pablo asks how does the treasurer get the money and Catherine says it’s the captain’s jobs.
  • Kish and Steph: organise socials, keep it fresh, get people involved
  • Committee need to go to socials where possible
  • Alva says how the social group isn’t publicised enough
  • The social secs also need to go on an adding spree on Facebook
  • Catherine says the best thing everyone can do is be early with these things.
  • Oliver: wants dedicated mixed training to form mixed pairs
  • Catherine adds that RI membership would help this


  • Bryony asks about committee top colours
  • Deep purple?? Plum?? Teal??? Lime green??? ORANGE????
  • But Jason is absent so we cannot fully discuss
  • It is also clarified that Jonny will be sorting out Y&D this year too
  • Plan for another meeting after exams
  • We all sign the constitution


Cute Baby Beaver

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