Minutes- 11.06.2018

Team Captains Meeting followed by a Full Committee Meeting

Present at the Team Captains Meeting:

Club President – Catherine Wilson
Team President- Giles
Treasurer – Hannah Hepworth
Secretary – Katy Watson

Men’s Captain – Jonny Eastwood
Ladies’ Captain – Isla Crooks
Mixed Captain – Oliver Hall

Team Captains Meeting 17:06

RI reply

  • It is still not clear what the email means
  • But it will cost £2.50/ court/ hour from the 17th October they start charging
  • We think we should email Luke asking if the grant is going to come down because of the RI and the YUFund


  • But the YUFUnd is supposed to be extra and not replacement
  • We have to promote in various waysespecially on social media
  • Yufund logo on kit?

Team captains plans

  • Trial format:
    • Initial: at least reserve standard
    • 2 weeks of unlimited free courts at the RI to work out pairings
    • Use this RI time to be able to sort out pairs
  • Freshers fair sat week 1
  • Trials on Sunday week 1
  • First half open to everyone, call backs in the afternoon
  • Extra hour wanted on call backs
  • Reminder to not decide friends over ability
  • Need to get in contact with coach – Giles will contact him
  • For second half of call backs would like college captain to book courts
  • We will organise this
  • Overall plan: Initial -2 hours, Call backs- 3 hours, and also 2 free courts for some college players who can meet the freshers to get them involved in college
  • For the two weeks of free RI court time, captains agree that


  • Zac wasn’t sure if we have to pay for preseason courts
  • Preseason fitness- might need to apply to get access
  • All agreed that fitness needs to be incorporated more

Open Days

  • Catherine talks about the open days coming up which make £25 for the club per day.
  • There are 4 days
  • Big enough committee that at least 3 people can volunteer their time per day
  • Friday 29th June 2018
  • Sunday 1st July 2018
  • Saturday 15th September 2018
  • Saturday 16th September 2018



  • Last year there were some promises left unfulfilled, but we are going to keep the promises we have made
  • We agree there needs to be a shift in mentality in the team: people should want to attend training because we want to get promoted in BUCs
  • Difficult to maintain a sense of team with limited training sessions
  • Netball did non-drinking socials on Tuesdays or after playing and we think this is a good idea
  • Although there is the problem of further time commitment?
  • Team meal at some point because we missed it this year
  • College and team results page is to happen over summer
  • Want to aim for promotion in YL too- play a strong team
  • Also want a Team specific tournament
  • Olly to organise a mixed team for YL
  • We establish Ciara can play in YL
  • Leeds and Manchester friendly for club- to be organised



Absent with apologies:

Club Representative- Izzy Eastwood
Press and Publicity- Alva von Pistohlkors

Club President – Catherine Wilson
Team President- Giles Hepworth
Treasurer – Hannah Hepworth
Secretary – Katy Watson

Men’s Captain – Jonny Eastwood
Ladies’ Captain – Isla Crooks
Mixed Captain – Oliver Hall
Social Secretary – Kishan Mistry and Steph Cohen

Fundraising Officer – Mason Duke
Press and Publicity Officers- Louis Pitsch
Wellbeing Officer – Bryony Connor
Sponsorship Officer – Alex Edwards
Club Representatives – Pablo Garcia Thomas


  • Welcome Alex, our new sponsorship officer!!
  • Tom has forwarded an email for Sponsorship- Alex to follow up
  • Alex also needs to email salvo for salvo cards
  • Badminton Company aren’t coming to this tournament but they have to come to one as part of the contract
  • Any other sponsorships to be directed to Alex

YUFund application

  • We received £3000 to spend on shuttles
  • We have a lot to promote YUFund
  • We update the committee on the Tier 1 and team committee meeting.


  • We had 162 members this year
  • Catherine wants a brand new emailing list for this year
  • Club Students: increasing price to £25 for 8 hours a week
  • Non students: increase £25 for 8 hours a week
  • Team excluding club: £65
  • Including club: £75
  • Term fee: increase to £15

Fresher’s fair

  • Please do not turn up hungover or drunk
  • Will post date and stall times – Will be in week 1
  • Half an hour courtyard meeting beforehand will be good
  • Google sheets is preferable method of signing up.
  • Bring ipads and laptops to help with this
  • Team and tier 1 always need to be present

First session

  • Everyone from committee needs to be there
  • Will be games to 11 with plastics
  • How to split the sessions is discussed:
  • College split? Split court ability? Surname split?
  • We decide to have sign-up sheets for different days
  • That way we can can keep a track on how many people area going to turn up at each session so they are not oversubscribed
  • Committee to help to score
  • Encourage people to buy memberships
  • Will have to sort out lay out of our sign-up sheets, possibly keep to the first 2 weeks because that’s when it will be the busiest

Drive and Emails

  • Password to be changed very soon


  • New pegboard rota in September
  • Although they may come out in week 10
  • Arrive 10 minutes early
  • Swap in advance if you need to
  • We won’t be using it until week 2 and 3


  • The Cupboard has been re-organised
  • Team and club shelves – please keep tidy!
  • College not allowed to use plastic shuttles
  • Suggested pooling together to get them some emergency backup shuttles
  • Put shuttles in the tubes if on pegboard- they get damaged in the box
  • In you finish the tube, leave the tubes to help storing feathers


  • One player was not allowed to EOYT and Presidents because didn’t pay match fees
  • Mason said we will have made £336- courts and trophies
  • EOYT needs to be promoted at club tonight
  • Mason ordered all trophies at the same time which saved us a lot of money- should be done in the future
  • Silent auction organised by Mason should be done at the same time


  • Next social is beach party themed!
  • And we have a BBQ next week
  • Catherine asks Kish and Steph to post themes to committee chat for that term to double check and then to create a poster like Jen and Sam did
  • We discuss the complications of a graffiti social. Decision seems to be split between cutting it altogether or just being hyper aware
  • Catherine is going to make a folder to extend freshers fair video, which everyone should contribute to if they can

(I leave to pegboard for Club- Thank you to Mason who continued taking minutes!)

P&P page for college and team

  • Giles doesn’t know who is on college
  • Invite social group to college/team group (group rather than page)
  • Fixture coordinator and uni team captains as admins (and Giles)
  • Not too many admins – Bryony
  • Post college results there and team results there (BUCS)

UYBC committee picture

  • Saturday UYBC pics Saturday the 16th (before college starts at 1630)
  • In Arena if it’s raining – Hes Hall if not
  • Louis pick a time
  • Pablo is an ordinary member
  • Pablo and Izzy to do the “Meet the Committee”
  • Do the team profiles too

Committee tops

  • Committee tops to be done over Summer to be ready for fresher’s week
  • Poll for colours – Jason
  • People are loving teal
  • Don’t have to go through Akuma for committee tops
  • Poll on design as well
  • (nobody likes collars)
  • Pablo suggests allowing extra time to the company
  • Jason wants to do 2 merch orders over the year
  • One at the end of 1st term
  • One at the end on 2nd term


  • Roses kit – Jonny
  • Roses trials at the end of 2nd term
  • Should know the team in time to order roses kit (hopefully)
  • No specific BUCS kit (generally no interest in it)
  • Team kit to be ordered at the end of 1st term? – Catherine
  • Team to be decided by week 3
  • Everyone comfortable in their committee?
  • Committee meal? – Jonny
  • Well received
  • Team + club prizes not increased – Bryony
  • Appropriately priced already – Giles & Catherine
  • Match fees are expensive
  • Well done, we did it, we’re amazing

Meeting Adjourned 19:00

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