Minutes – 12th April 2016

Present: Leah Langford, James Judd, Alistair Bochel, Charlotte Whiting, Kelvin Elphick, Ellie Powell, Hannah Hall, Adam Langeveld, Matthew Smith, Luke Quigley, George Hargreaves

Absent with apologies: Eleanor Sinclair, Phil Jones

Absent: James Leake, Daleel Gajra, Richard Sangar, Denet Benny

1) Club sessions this term: Due to the Tent renovation and clubs having to move out of that space, court time has been reduced for club to Monday 8-10pm and Sunday 9-11am. For team, it is Wednesday 1:30-3:30pm and Sunday 11-1pm. Thursday No-Strings sessions are 2 hours and will pretty much be run as club sessions. The pegboard rota is done.

2) Roses: Despite the inconvenient timetable, we are optimistic. Leah will livestream the matches and it would be good if anyone who goes down could do match reports.

3) Elections: Encourage people to run, particularly for Secretary, Sponsorship and Merchandise. In order to avoid upsetting people, Leah and Alistair will not read out the exact amount of results this year.

4) Amendments: It will be proposed that we merge the Communications Officer and & Webmaster positions to create 2 Press and Publicity Officers because the 2 current roles involve similar skills and both have had less to do within the past few years. In the age of social media, the website is looked at more by prospective members at the beginning of the year and less by current club members. It is therefore especially important that it is well-maintained over the summer. The new role will require writing the newsletter, removing that responsibility from the Ordinary Members, while also maintaining the website and hopefully writing the odd match report.

Further amendments include adding a section on equal opportunities to the constitution, changing one of the 3 Ordinary Members into a Wellbeing Officer in order to promote the club’s active involvement in the equal opportunities scheme run by YUSU, and to merge the Club & Team Merchandise positions into one. Again, the 2 have had less to do now that they do not order shuttlecocks and that the team no longer buys Roses kit.

5) President’ Weekend: This year it is on a Friday (17th June). Courts are available on Saturday but Leah and Judd want to do something on the Sunday too, maybe bowling, laser quest. This would be at an extra cost.

6) College: It would be good if the officer next year was on committee. They are already allowed to attend the meetings, but it would provide closer links between college and the club. Club President should promote the position to committee members.

7) Handover meeting: The new club president will schedule this.

8) Thanks from Leah and Judd