Minutes 13.01.19

Meeting called to order 13th January at 19:00 in G/N/002 by club president

Catherine Wilson

These minutes were recorded by Ladies Captain, Isla Crooks due to the secretary being absent. (Thank you Isla!)


Absent with apologies:


Press and Publicity- Alva von Pistohlkors

Secretary – Katy Watson

Merchandise Officer – Jason Park

Treasurer – Hannah Hepworth

Wellbeing Officer – Bryony Connor

Mixed Captain – Oliver Hall




Club President – Catherine Wilson

Team President- Giles Hepworth


Men’s Captain – Jonny Eastwood

Ladies’ Captain – Isla Crooks

Social Secretaries – Kishan Mistry and Steph Cohen


Fundraising Officer – Mason Duke

Press and Publicity Officers- Louis Pitsch

Sponsorship Officer – Alex Edwards

Club Representative – Pablo Garcia Thomas and Isabel Eastwood




Mason EOTT

Isla minutes


Club times:


Same as last term but redoing hall so no Sundays – probably longer than week 3

Extra time on for club? No slots available. RI? Quite a hassle to book and make sure people pay – decided against, only 2 or 3 Sundays


New years = new strings:


Easily identifiable racquets

Paint in cupboard, fill in when fade




Catherine post on chat


Leeds friendly:


College players against Leeds

Details of venue not confirmed, emailed today


Non team training:


Giles and some A men happy to offer training

RI or book courts at sports centre? Cheapness or hassle? May be hard to book courts at sports centre

Term 3, week 1 – maybe not, near exams, roses

Voted RI best 5-4, 2 abstained – easy to book, pay £4

RI – £4 per hour per non member

New vote – having new info about prices, book sports centre

Should aim to do it – said in speeches

20 people max per session

Maybe this term if poss?


Bi – election


Jan 21st for mixed captain

Oli no longer student, need to be student in handbook

Catherine and Katy returning officers

After D-bar

If committee member wants to run, have to leave your position and risk not getting into new position




Cops and robbers, pub golf, cocktails, shit shirt

Got each week planned – week 2 – 10

Baking and boardgames, non drinking



Holiday – need to get deposit back & pay, Hannah needed to sign

Quiz – prizes, if they don’t claim it they don’t get it


Team Tournament:


Jan 23rd moved to Feb 3rd

Mason to do it, submit list about 2 weeks in advance

Team standard? Made it to semifinals last term tournament only, they’ll be invited. Don’t have to be with that pair

Need more time than 5 hours, try for 8

Trophies? Yes, Mason ordering. 1st and 2nd, wooden spoons

Date set? Email and invite Rob to sell a stall, definitely Feb 3rd



BUCS matches start 23rd, Mens A most important match that day but away, P&P can’t make event but maybe streaming? Louis could go to Newcastle to film it

BUCS individuals: a lot of ladies’ can’t play, need to find out when it starts, if Friday afternoon people can’t make it due to seminars

Ask Hannah about year in industry

Find out about rules in BUCS

Judith could play?

Singles Friday? Men’s doubles Friday?

Hotel too expensive – £90 per night

Questionnaire – more structured sessions, exams meant no captains meeting yet

Roses kit – Jason messaged Zac

Alex looked at BUCS individuals for last year – Mixed, singles on Friday, doubles not on Friday

Giles to look further into it, needs to contact Zac about Jai seeding




Pablo and Alex swapping pegboard

Jonny in Oxford week 7 and 8 so can’t do pegboard

Pablo and Giles okay for tomorrow’s pegboard

Meeting adjourned 19:31

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