Minutes – April 14th 2015

14th April 2015 – 6:30pm – ATB/042
Present: Alistair, Alison, Leah, Oli, James, Danny, Holly, Ugne, George, Meredith, Daleel, Adam, Phil, Stephen, Ethan
Absent Without Apologies: Alice, Ben


1. Constitutional Changes
2. Elections
3. Roses
4. Non-Team Coaching & Battle Badminton
5. Presidents’ Weekend and EOYT
6. Finance Update
7. Sponsorship Update
8. Thank You
9. AOB

Constitutional Changes

– We are proposing 2 changes:
    1. Yorkshire League to be put into the constitution
    2. Activators (Badminton & College) shall have the right to attend committee meetings.
– Both changes passed unanimously.


– Happening in 2 weeks! (29/04/15)
– Please encourage people to run, particularly for the Mens Captain, Mixed Captain, Secretary, Sponsorship and Merch reps.
– It was noted that the Mixed Captain description should be updated in the committee handbook to include the Yorkshire league and co-ordination of local league matches.


– We need at least 2 stewards to cover our events, these should be from committee or team
– Alison & Leah volunteered (for the events they are not in), the rest will be covered by Alistair, George, Adam and Phil
– Please invite everyone you know to come and support on Saturday and Sunday!
– We are thinking of merging the Ladies & Mens 2nds together and Ladies and Mens 1sts together so they run side by side rather than one after the other as we think this would be better for both supporters and players. This is something we will have to ask Lancaster about – Alison to do so ASAP.

Battle Badminton & NTC

– Leah secured the £200 funding from Badminton England for extra court time and prizes for Battle Badminton. Please encourage everyone to get involved and make use of the courts, whether team or not.
– NTC – Leo will be running 3-4 workshops this term focusing on different areas. We will charge £1 a session but are not expecting to make any money for this.

Presidents’ Weekend & EOYT

– Presidents’ – Friday night we are thinking of having a quiz, Saturday night’s main event will be taking place at the Hilton and are currently in the process of booking somewhere for afterwards. This is likely to be Banyan or Slug and Lettuce. Asked people to come up with ideas of anything we could do on the Saturday as we can only get courts on the Sunday.
– EOYT – we are having a slight issue with courts as we currently only have 4 hours on a Sunday as opposed to our old 9. Alistair is trying his best to arrange swaps with other clubs so the tournament can go ahead as normal.

Finance Update

– We are not in debt – hooray! We have a £1,500 surplus.
– We are looking into where this surplus has come from, to find out if we may be able to make things cheaper for members next year.
– Team fees – may change from individual match fees to a set price each player will pay at the beginning of the year dependent on how many teams they are on. This should help to solve the issue of finding reserves and people being reluctant to play because of the cost. We are also looking into charging reduced team fee rates for people with rail cards. These will be put on the committee page for people to discuss further.


– Going to pass on to the next committee ideas for different sponsors, due to the difficulty we have had with Salvation etc. Potentially Festival of Fun?


Committee meal to take place next Thursday at Stonegate Yard.
– Should we publicise who is running for positions? Decision taken to close nominations 24hrs before elections (except for empty positions) and post who is running for which positions.
– Direct questions – to be introduced at elections. These may be submitted before elections via email and the candidate will be shown the question beforehand.
– Alistair thanks everyone for all their hard work on committee this year.
Meeting ended 7.25pm