Minutes – 17th January 2017

Meeting called to order, 17th January at 1900, by Club President Luke Quigley.


Absent with apologies:

Press and Publicity – Tim Stedman


Absent without apologies:

Press and Publicity – Rob Stephens



Club President – Luke Quigley

Secretary – Catherine Wilson

Treasurer – Matthew Smith

Team President – Charlotte Whiting

Men’s Captain – Dan Martyres

Mixed Captain – Eleanor Sinclair

Ladies Captain – Lucy Sharp

Social Secretary – Bryony Connor and Tom Walker

Merchandise Officer – Emily Beare

Sponsorship Officer – James Geary

Wellbeing Officer – Rowan Hancox

Fundraising Representative – Nicole Kelly

Ordinary Members – Hannah Hall, Jennifer Entwistle


  1. Club Sessions

First club session of the year went well, which was located in the arena. The committee have decided that keeping everyone’s belongings behind the glass panel works well and frees up space to play on court. Luke mentioned that the sports centre need to keep the fire exit clear and so has asked the committee to implement this rule.

Club sessions will take place in the arena on Mondays and Thursdays 1900-2200 and 1500-1700 respectively. The main hall will be used as well from 0900-1100 for club sessions.


  1. Socials

Tom and Bryony described the socials planned for this term, which are:


Week 2, 18th January: Geek Social, Drinking

Week 3, 25th January: Summer in Winter, Drinking

Week 4, 1st February: Pyjama Film Night, Non-Drinking

Week 5, 8th February: Cocktail Bar Crawl, Drinking

Week 6, 15th February: Famous Couple, Drinking

Week 7, 22nd February: Quiz, Non-Drinking

Week 8, 1st March: Meal Out, Non-Drinking

Week 9, 8th March: Cops and Robbers, Drinking

Week 10, 15th March: Bad Taste, Drinking


The badminton holiday will be at the end of week 10.

With regards to the casual social on Mondays in D bar, Dominoes are no longer doing 50% off the menu and only on pizzas, which all items have increased in price.  Luke and James are going to review the contract we have with them and decide where to go from there.


  1. Badminton holiday: Friday 17th March – 20th March

Bryony and Tom are going to publicise the badminton holiday this week. This years badminton holiday will be in Grassington Bunk Barn for £65 per person. This cost of the trip includes travel, food, beds and wifi. There will be day trips/activities on the Saturday and Sunday (more info to come) and the evenings will, of course, be full of games.


A coach will be leaving the Roger Kirk Centre at 1830, although this can be changed depending on peoples lectures over on Heslington East. This will return around 1030 on the Monday back to Heslington West Campus. Tom and Bryony can order towels and linen for a small extra charge, for those needing them.


Activities will possibly include a trip to Skipton (9 miles away) which the social secs are looking into. Tickets will be going up for this shortly via the facebook group page. Travel will be approximately an hour (50miles) and will be booked 2 weeks prior to the event. The holiday deposit has gone through.


  1. Merchandise

Matthew and Emily have organised team kits which the order was placed on December 12th, however it left the YUSU account on January 2nd. After contacting Surridge, the team kits will hopefully be available during by weeks 6 and weeks 8.


Club merchandise will be advertised through club in a couple of weeks. Emily is going to go round the club sessions to ask players if they want club merchandise and gather some interest.


  1. College Varsity – Semis

After first term, the top four colleges will be each other to determine who plays against Durham:


Type Time Colleges
Ladies 1200 – 1315 Alcuin, Constantine, Halifax, James
Mixed 1315 – 1430 Constantine, Derwent, Halifax, James
Mens 1430 – 1545 Derwent, Goodricke, James, Langwith


The top 2 colleges will the play each other in the final to determine 1st and 2nd team for varsity against the Durham colleges.


  1. Varsity – Badminton

The college varsity matches are restricted to 2.5 hours. The table of play is as follows:


Time Court 1 Court 2 Court 3 Court 4
1100 Mens A 1v1 Mens A 2v2 Mens B 1v1 Mens B 2v2
1125 Mens A 1v2 Mens A 2v1 Mens B 2v1 Mens B 2v1
1150 Ladies A 1v1 Ladies A 2v2 Ladies B 1v1 Ladies B 2v2
1215 Ladies A 2v1 Ladies A 1v2 Ladies B 2v1 Ladies B 2v1
1240 Mixed A 1v1 Mixed A 2v2 Mixed B 1v1 Mixed B 2v2
1305 Mixed A 1v2 Mixed A 2v1 Mixed B 2v1 Mixed B 2v1


Although is this not ideal, it is the best order of play possible to include warm ups and game time. Games will be played to 3 matches each finishing at 15 points. This enables to get more people involved.


Meeting adjourned 1932


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