Minutes – 17th November 2015

Present: Leah Langford, James Judd, Alistair Bochel, Charlotte Whiting, Ellie Powell, El Sinclair, Hannah Hall, Luke Quigley, Denet Benny, Phil Jones, Richard Sangar, Adam Langeveld, Tom Walker, Daleel Gajra, George Hargreaves

Absent with Apologies: Matthew Smith

Absent: James Leake, Kelvin Elphick


First 5 minutes watching Tom fixing Hannah’s bike lock

1) Socials – Order of socials is: Pudding and Games Night, People from History, Xmas Meal

2) The Holiday – Hannah and James are considering where to book. Hoping to get it done before Xmas

3) Xmas Meal – at the Slug and Lettuce (booked for up to 50), followed by Banyan where Tom has arranged 2 cocktails for £8

4) End of Term Tournament – Likely to be shorter than normal due to Women’s Cricket being unable to switch. Fiddy might be providing tournament software.

5) Merch – Club merch is available on the Surridge website, but Phil will likely do a bulk order next term. Team kit should be here by end of Week 10.

6) Pegboard – People have been missing sessions. Please be sure to check the rota and arrive on time.

7) Next Term – Busy schedule: The Holiday, Overnight, Another Leeds Friendly, EOTT

8) AOB – Leo is leaving. Judd has been looking for a new coach but it’s hard to find one

Matt is going to start the arrangements for Overnight

Grace Clarke has introduced a Colours Ball for late in Term 2. It would be good for people to go to that.


Sportivate/York Active – Smash-up bag, No-Strings successful, York Active less so


AOB – PWC, Leo leaving, Overnight arrangements, Colours Ball


This is a very cute baby turtle