Minutes – 1st October 2015

Present: Leah Langford, James Judd, Alistair Bochel, Charlotte Whiting, Ellie Powell, Kelvin Elphick, Eleanor Sinclair, Adam Langeveld, Phil Jones, Luke Quigley, Tom Walker, George Hargreaves, Daleel Gajra, Richard Sangar

Present despite apologising: Matt Smith

Absent: James Leake, Hannah Hall, Denet Benny


  1. Fresher’s Fair

Leah briefly summarised the day, discussing shifts for committee members, the leaflets that will be given out and asked those starting at 10 to get there 10 minutes early.

  1. Membership

Different format this year. Memberships should primarily be taken online. Judd will find out when they are going live.Club sessions & pegboard

  1. Pegboard

Pegboard rota will be done shortly. It would very helpful if as many committee members as possible could be at the first few sessions as it will be very busy.

  1. Socials

Socials for the term are going to be Geek, Emoji, Halloween, Disney, People From History and a Christmas social. There will also be one not specifically related to non-alcoholic socials.

  1. Leeds Friendly

The Leeds Friendly will hopefully happen this year. Leah is trying to arrange the details with the Leeds President

  1. Sponsorship

Tom is looking for a place to host the Christmas meal – probably the Slug and Lettuce or Ask

  1. Sportivate and No Strings

Sportivate will be running 2 sessions per week this term (Mondays and Thursdays). The club coach will be down at one of them and the Monday session will be merged with the York Active work that Alistair and Judd are doing. No-Strings sessions will be run on a Friday.

  1. Calendar

The integrated calendar will be able to be shared with everyone this year so people can see the dates well in advance

  1. College

College has a new format this year. The combined league should give many more people the chance to participate and play the events that are most common at the club and in team.

  1. AOB

Here’s a picture of a walrus