Minutes – 20th April 2017

Meeting called to order, 20th April at 1900, by Club President Luke Quigley.


Absent with apologies:

Team President – Charlotte Whiting

Men’s Captain – Dan Martyres

Mixed Captain – Eleanor Sinclair

Press and Publicity – Tim Stedman


Absent without apologies:

Treasurer – Matthew Smith



Club President – Luke Quigley

Secretary – Catherine Wilson

Ladies Captain – Lucy Sharp

Social Secretary – Bryony Connor and Tom Walker

Merchandise Officer – Emily Beare

Sponsorship Officer – James Geary

Wellbeing Officer – Rowan Hancox

Press and Publicity – Rob Stephens

Fundraising Representative – Nicole Kelly

Ordinary Members – Hannah Hall, Jennifer Entwistle


  1. Term 3 courts:

Luke welcomes the committee back and introduces our agenda for next term. Due to the arena being used for exams, all clubs will have reduced court times. As a result of this, we have been cut down to 5 hours a week for both club and team. The following sessions will all take place in the main hall:

1900-2200 Monday Club

0900-1030 Sunday Club

1030-1200 Sunday Team

From week 3 to week 10 there will be team courts on a Wednesday afternoon to compensate for the loss of time. After discussing this with the committee, everyone is in agreement to trial this structure and perhaps extends court time if needed.

Tom had suggested paying for extra club courts as the college league has also been affected. The committee agrees with this and Lucy proposed that members may want to release some stress over the exams period, by playing badminton. Catherine then suggested moving team away from campus again, perhaps booking courts at the Railway Institution (RI). These can always be cancelled for free if no interest is gained. The committee have agreed to be flexible around this as an alternative option for after exams.


  1. AGM and Elections

Our AGM and elections will take place Wednesday week 3, where the new committee will be selected. Previous to this meeting, Tier 1 positions had met to discuss the possible changes to the constitution and agreed to elect Luke as the returning officer. This means he cannot vote for the candidates, but if there is a draw, he will get the deciding vote. Charlotte has also agreed to help count the votes as she is also not returning next year. Nicole raised the issue of disclosing the number of votes of each candidate, the will be provided if the candidate has asked. The committee have agreed to keep the AV voting system due to its efficiency and being able to rank the other positions, if a second count is to be taken.

For the changes to the constitution, the committee have agreed to the following:

  • Renaming the position of ordinary member to club representative (this will avoid confusion within the club and look more official to just the other members)
  • No strings activator has been abolished due to the sessions merging into the York Active Program, this also needs updating on the policy
  • The press and public role to be changed as a paired position and update the description to work closely with the college badminton fixture coordinator to help advertise and celebrate the college league

Changes to the policy include:

  • Updating the college activator role to college badminton fixture coordinator following YUSU’s change
  • Under the position of social secretary, to change the social events from biweekly to be held when appropriate
  • The college badminton fixture coordinator should be invited to witness the meetings

After the changes had been proposed, the present committee had voted in favour of presenting them to the elections. Tom had suggested for each of the committee to write a paragraph about their role and post on the Facebook event. Luke has also asked each member to read through the handbook and make changes if necessary.

Luke has also mentioned the fact that our current treasurer has paid for all of the badminton events from his own bank account and reimbursed himself rather than others. This needs to be made aware to the potential captains that, traditionally they have paid for travel and claimed on the badminton account. However, this is up the treasures discretion to delegate the jobs if needed. Matthew has asked for current captains to chase up match fees in order for the books to be straight for the new treasurer.

With regards to the new social secretaries, they will need to add members as a friend before inviting them to the Social Group Facebook page.


  1. Merch

All college and team kit has been delivered. The other clubs have also been effected in the delay in sports wear, this is faulted by Surridge and not the University. With regards to badminton merchandise, the money has now been taken out of the account and hopefully, it will arrive before exams in week 5, as the rush for roses has now gone. Unfortunately, the team kit doesn’t have initials on and so Matthew and Emily are chasing this up with an email to perhaps be compensated for this.


  1. Team tournament

Nicole has been organising the Team Tournament event, managing the fixtures for 11 teams. Each game will be shortened due to court time and all medals have been engraved and are ready for the day. The winners of the Team Tournament are:

Winners: Nic Williamson, Jennifer Entwistle, Katy Watson and Pablo Garcia Thomas

Runners up: James Durcan, Mischa Macaskill, Mason Duke and Catherine Wilson

The tournament had been successful and had raised


  1. Roses

Roses will be filmed live by the Press and Publicity officers with games:

Saturday, 0930-1200, Mixed, Arena 3

Sunday, 1300-1600, Women’s 2nd, Arena 3

Sunday, 1000-1300, Men’s 2nd, Arena 3

Sunday, 1000-1300, Women’s 1st, Arena 3

Sunday, 1300-1600, Men’s 1st, Arena 3

The filming will be able to update the viewers rather than watching the full match. York Student Television (YSTV) will also be involved, so a hyperlink will be posted on the badminton Facebook page so that viewers can also follow this.


  1. Presidents

Presidents weekend has been organised by Luke and Charlotte and booked for Saturday 10th June, in the Radisson Hotel. Tickets will soon go live, with a minimum space of 70 and maximum of 120 people. This is more flexible and as a result, members and alumni won’t miss out. The deposit is to be paid 2 weeks before the event, however Matthew is keen to pay it all at once. The decorations and projector are being provided by the hotel and the committee have agreed on getting a photographer to the event. Badminton courts have not yet been booked and links will be found on the event page for accommodation. The Sunday evening activity will most likely be bowling as this is more sociable and had worked last year. In our previous tier 1 meeting, charlotte has suggested making a google document for those wanting to purchase table drinks, as the hotel have said they will provide deals.




Tom updated the committee on the college league structure, this has also been limited to 5 games a week due to reduced court time. This will be posted on the captain’s page and the time situation will be stressed.

Luke has suggested a committee social or a handover committee social to be arranged and the committee liked the idea.


Meeting adjourned 2010


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