Minutes- 23.04.18


Absent with apologies:

Men’s captain- Dan


Club President – Tom Walker

Team President – Tim Stedman

Treasurer – Catherine Wilson

Secretary – Katy Watson

Ladies’ Captain – Judith Peatman

Social Secretary – Jennifer Entwistle and Sam Field

Claire – Sponsorship Officer

Mixed captain – Laura

Merchandise Officer – Pablo Garcia Thomas

Press and Publicity Officers – Umair Asif and Steph Gardner

Fundraising Officer – Nikhil Kotecha

Wellbeing Officer – Rowan Hancox

Ordinary Members – Mason Duke and Jonny Eastwood

Pegboard and Club Sessions

  • Rota planned, 3 people, more relaxed
  • Sessions: we had to pay for the first three weeks ourselves
  • After week 3 we get 5 hours a week paid by by YUSU
  • The budget has been spent already
  • Tom has tried to argue for more
  • I asked about is this a good way to do it
  • And we all decided with exams it is okay to have less court time

Roses and Team

  • Ladies are sorted
  • Men got a little bit more adjustment
  • Transport- Tim really wants to push for some extra support
  • We need to spread the word
  • P&P- Jen becoming honorary P&P for live streaming
  • Roses accommodation- mix of choices
  • Laura- says that there were people going for Air bnb
  • Jonny has created a group to discuss
  • Tim is going to create a poll to help organisation to have a full squad
  • People need to answer the poll straight away
  • Nikhil asks about visibility of the poll but Tim says it should be okay


  • No theme on the committee election night- hand over to new social secs


  • Need another email to explain the new court times
  • Umair says he’ll cover everything in the email
  • Steph says it needs to be done this week

Elections and Constitution

  • Elections: Wednesday week 3
  • Stuff going out tomorrow night
  • We have to change anything now
  • Propose dropping to one team on YL
  • Committee votes: – 1 vote against 1 vote abstains the rest for
  • Noted that for future secretaries: ALWAYS NEED TO EMAIL ORGANISERS if we add or drop a team that year
  • New committee going to take over week 4
  • So we can include old committee to do Roses
  • And then we will also peg board for week 4
  • To ensure a smooth handover
  • Steph asks about are we doing a group meeting to handover
  • Tom says we can do where possible
  • Returning officers are going to be Tom and Tim
  • Forms released and emailed tomorrow

Presidents’ Weekend

  • Weekend of week 8
  • Laura asks when we can buy tickets
  • Tom and Tim say they are on it


  • Nikhil to help out new fundraiser- it is a lot to deal
  • Sports hall is looking quite free so shouldn’t be a problem of booking for the new fundraising
  • Team tournament?
  • Up to next committee to decide
  • Possible format of unrestricted but seeded players


  • Team tournament and quiz meant we raised £1000
  • Half for club and half and for charity
  • Pablo does not want to do a final merch order
  • It is asked whether club times going to change:
  • Yes going to get an extra hour
  • Mason realises club and college are at the same time
  • After week three club will move from Wednesday so should not be too much of a problem
  • Also got a college on Presidents’ weekend.
  • Mason and Tom will talk to rearrange
  • Still waiting for Ciara’s eligibility to play for Roses
  • Encourage people to run for Committee!
  • We all need to come up with a question to ask candidates.

(Everyone applauds each other yay!)


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