Minutes 24.10.18


Absent with apologies:

Men’s Captain – Jonny Eastwood
Press and Publicity- Alva von Pistohlkors
Wellbeing Officer – Bryony Connor
Club Representatives – Pablo Garcia Thomas

Club President – Catherine Wilson
Team President- Giles Hepworth
Treasurer – Hannah Hepworth
Secretary – Katy Watson

Ladies’ Captain – Isla Crooks
Mixed Captain – Oliver Hall
Social Secretary – Kishan Mistry and Steph Cohen

Fundraising Officer – Mason Duke
Merchandise Officer- Jason Park
Press and Publicity Officers- Louis Pitsch
Sponsorship Officer – Alex Edwards
Club Representatives – Issy Eastwood


Shoutouts to:

  • Marathon volunteers
  • Club reps
  • Louis and his whiteboard
  • Kish and Steph- amazing turn outs on socials
  • Members- 141 SO FAR (Better than this time last year and plus 8 alumni)


UYBC college and Bucs page

  • We decide one big post per week with all the results
  • We all like the page


College Fixture Coordinator

  • Position is still open
  • We need to advertise this position on social media
  • Alex asks if there’s any requirements?
  • Catherine says, no they can be beginners
  • We need someone within the week

BUCS wednesday

  • Been promoting this week
  • Mens A and ladies A are being filmed by YSTV
  • Louis and Mason will be commentating
  • (Keep predrinks respectable and tidy while we watch)
  • YUSU have made a post so we are hoping for a good turn out
  • In general we’ve had a good support from club members at other matches
  • Giles says that Zac said we’re getting a booth



  • Katy explains our KEEN Session 4th November 12:50-14:00
  • Bryony and Isla have both offered to help


Chris Oldnall volunteering

  • Wednesday week 9 (21st) we need volunteers for badminton coaching
  • Although we still don’t know times
  • Ladies A Away game at the same time
  • Interested in helping: Giles, Louis and Mason
  • Catherine will get back to the committee with more information


  • We haven’t promoted the app too much yet
  • Alex says it would be too overwhelming for the freshers
  • Facebook page and newsletter need to promote it
  • As well as a designated DBar date: Week 8


  • Steph and Kish:
  • Trying to sort a non drinking movie night
  • Mason to sort a fundraising quiz for week 9
  • Joint social with Pole- probably a toga social
  • Christmas meal and holiday booked
  • Kish and Steph just sorting the photographer for the Christmas meal – YUSU photography an option
  • And then will promote
  • 60 people maximum
  • £23.75 per person
  • Badminton holiday £65 Helmsley
  • Only 40 spaces
  • 15th March
  • Catherine to do the pass the parcel
  • Jonny doing a murder mystery


25th November 0900-1400

  • Possibly a fun lottery tournament next term
  • Discrepancy over who can play in the lottery
  • No men’s A B and Ladies A in the EOTT
  • There are some people that might still not be allowed- but up to Giles and Mason
  • Team tournament- maybe during team courts or might take Sunday club 9-14:00
  • Spoons for prizes
  • Raffle would be at the quiz social not EOTT
  • We need to pick a charity
  • Committee services will be needed for the raffle
  • And the Social quiz will be Wednesday week 9


Non-team training

  • Catherine and Giles talking about non team training
  • We have tried to get court time but we can’t get anything
  • RI is too expensive- we all agree that we don’t think it would work
  • Jason mentions that team training needs to be sorted too- attendance is low
  • Giles would run it with some A team players
  • Max 20 people charge £3 for 2 hours
  • Still waiting for a date if we can find some court time
  • Katy asks what can we do about how many people come to the Monday Club as it is very busy.
  • We’re all not sure, ideally need more courts.
  • Maybe invite Zac to see how busy we are?


  • Ladies struggling 
  • Mens A and B doing good
  • Mens C are getting sorted
  • Team training attendance is poor
  • How are we going to improve?
  • Giles doesn’t know
  • That it’s a weekend makes it difficult
  • Sessions feel a bit chaotic
  • Thursday is a booked day at the RI but we are pushing for a later time so it doesn’t clash with club.
  • We are getting into the swing of things
  • Kish- team captains need to pressure their team
  • Captains aren’t showing commitment
  • Giles isn’t getting match reports
  • Alex suggests that RI attendance should be selective?
  • Giles says we don’t have the depth of people
  • 24/40 team members have RI membership
  • RI get annoyed with us when we don’t have enough to fill the courts we book
  • So reason for poor attendance is a combination of things
  • Increased training time is fine if people love badminton but not everyone is like that
  • A poll every time we run a session- that is encouraging and helps keeps us organised
  • And captains need to talk to the teams
  • We’re not overcrowded at team
  • But if we made it for select groups but then open it up as well



  • Alex: pegboard too full
  • We need to remove those not there
  • So put guests in a pot
  • We need to get the whiteboard to remind people to tell peg board that they’re leaving
  • Jason complains the lock on the store cupboard awkward but you’ve just got to ‘pull it’ while doing the numbers
  • Lydia- more than 5 people and we’ll get some money back on committee tops
  • Jason needs to sort and design team kit
  • He doesn’t know what our freedom is for design etc
  • Club merch will be advertised in week 7 for a deadline week 10
  • Order sent during Christmas for 3 week turn around
  • Kish wants a head up on the social group to keep nice posts


Meeting adjourned 21:02

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