Minutes – June 2nd 2015

Present: Leah Langford, James Judd, Alistair Bochel, Charlotte Whiting, Kelvin Elphick, Ellie Powell, Eleanor Sinclair, James Leake, Hannah Hall, Adam Langeveld, Luke Quigley, Denet Benny, Tom Walker, Daleel Gajra, George Hargreaves, Richard Sangar

Late with apologies: Phil Jones

1) Socials

BBQ on the 12th – Location TBC.

Social to take place in Week 10.

Next year, socials to continue being bi-weekly, although maybe one social each in Weeks 2, 3 and 4. Perhaps Week 3 would not have a focus on alcohol?

2) Kit Tender

Next year’s kit provider will be Surridge.

Options to design kit or choose a standard one. We prefer to design, but will probably depend on Grace and York Sport Union.

3) Fresher’s Fair

Everyone to be back for Saturday Week 1.

No pegboard system in the first couple of weeks – easiest way to handle the queues.

4) Committee Training

Leah will inform those who need to go and what time they need to be there. The date is the 11th June.

5) Committee Shirts

Phil to look into shirt options. A poll will be posted on colour, likely to be turquoise or possibly pink.

6) Sponsorship

Tom knows someone at Gibsons – might be able to get us sponsorship there. The Nag’s Head are also looking.
Probably worth signining with Salvation again and asking for more cards. Consensus against going back to Revs.
Hopefully should be able to re-sign with Streamline.

7) Website

Denet is in the process of transferring stuff across from the old one to the new.

8) Presidents’ Weekend

Everyone to help out on pegboard at the sessions they attend.

This meeting's animal, as chosen by Stephen Powell.