Minutes – 28th January 2016

Present: Leah Langford, James Judd, Alistair Bochel, Charlotte Whiting, Ellie Powell, Kelvin Elphick, Hannah Hall, Adam Langeveld, Phil Jones, Tom Walker, George Hargreaves, Daleel Gajra

Absent with Apologies: James Leake, Richard Sangar, Denet Benny, Matthew Smith, Luke Quigley, and (after the meeting had finished) El Sinclair.


1) Socials

Remaining socials for the term will be in Weeks 5, 7 and 9.  In Week 5, there will be a College Colours social with the other racket sports (hopefully at Goodricke). Week 7 will probably be a games night.

2) Holiday

Booked for Robin Hood’s Bay, but the deposit needs paying. Hannah to email the invoice to Charlotte. Likely to cost about £60. 30 spaces available. Yorkshire League will be that weekend, but there should be some people around.

3) Merch/Kit

Merch is on sale. People need to fill in the spreadsheet that Leah emailed. Monday Week 6 is the deadline. Also, team kit is finally here, but many of the shirts are too small. Best case scenario is we get new ones, worst case is that we get some skins for people wear underneath.

4) Varsity

Losing Sunday Weeks 5 & 8 due to Varsity.

5) Tent refurbishment & EOTT

Starts Week 9 of Spring Term. Only 3 hours on Sunday Week 9 – therefore no opportunity to run the tournament. Instead it will be a time attack event, similar to Individuals. There will also be no Thursday sessions on Weeks 9 or 10, and no Friday Week 10 session. No confirmation on court time yet for Summer Term.

6) Overnight

Had problems with the bookings team but that should hopefully be fixed now. Applying for a contingency grant to pay for the court time. Last year we had to pay a huge amount for the first time, which meant the club lost money. Matt has sorted out a range of games and raffle prizes.

7) Battle Badminton

Got money for next term, but we’re currently unsure how much court time will be available. Results might have to be sent to 1 person to collate, as it’s a less cumbersome process.

8) AOB

The Leeds Friendly is unlikely to happen because Leeds couldn’t come to us and the club has so much going on that it probably won’t be as popular this term.

The board which holds the pegs is broken. Leah is to think of ‘innovative’ ways to fix it.

Some people still to pay membership – Judd and Leah are nagging.

Yorkshire League B won their first match ever!!


Here’s a very chilled octopus