Minutes – May 5th 2015

Present: Leah Langford, James Judd, Alistair Bochel, Charlotte Whiting, Ellie Powell, Adam Langeveld, Phil Jones, James Leake, Hannah Hall, Luke Quigley, Denet Benny, Matt Smith, Daleel Gajra, George Hargreaves, Richard Sangar
Still Present despite not running: Alison Cannon ( couldn’t let go)

1. Handover & congratulations

Congratulations to the new committee. Thank you to the prior committee.

2. Running club sessions

Try and turn up early. Get out the racket bag, 2 pegboards, shuttlecocks. Pegboard etiquette – 2 requests. If a person requests, they can only move back, not forward.

3. Website, Facebook, Twitter & emails

Update the website. Luke and Denet to create a new video with footage from Roses & hire Go-Pro.
Certain people will have admin priveleges to the Facebook account: Presidents, Secretary, Webmaster, Fundraising, Social Secs and Communications. It is discovered that Leah has an embarrassing email address – committee intends to find out what it is.
Twitter and emails: feel free to use. Make sure to label emails.

4. Socials

Presidents’ in Week 8 and so possibly BBQ in Week7 and end of year social in Week 9.

5. End of Year Tournament & NTC
End of Year Tournament courts are booked.
NTC will be Wednesday – Weeks 7, 8 & 9. There will be a small charge per session.

6. Activators

College Badminton Activator role will be available soon.
No-Strings Activator role will no longer be the same and may be dissolved within the committee next year.
7. By-elections
Likely to be held in D.Bar in Week 7. Likely candidates for each of the 3 empty positions: Men’s Captain, Mixed Captain & Sponsorship Officer.

8. Y&D Mixed

Judd has proposed to pull out of Y&D Mixed. This is because we have to play Yorkshire League games at home next year and also it was very difficult to find reserves. If we get more time next year, we may be able to keep it. Judd to look into when we will find out about court time.

9. Presidents’ Weekend

All organised. Hilton, bar and room for the quiz booked. Courts for Sunday booked. Hopefully some for Saturday too.

10, Finance

Surplus money this year. Judd to look into buying a team camera. good for publicity and for recording matches to play back to team members to improve performance.

11 Committee tops

There will be a poll on colour later in the year.

12. AOB

York Sport Committee nominations are open.
Luke will be working on a Facebook group to supplement the page. Alistair to work on alumni newsletter.
Possibly put link to suggestion box on the newsletter.