Minutes – 5th May 2016

Present: Luke Quigley, Charlotte Whiting, Matthew Smith, Eleanor Sinclair, Daniel Martyres, Fiddy Sharp, Bryony Connor, Tom Walker, Nicole Kelly, Rob Stephens, Emily Beare, James Geary, Rowan Hancox, Hannah Hall, George Hargreaves and James Judd

Present because no one wanted to be Secretary: Alistair Bochel

Present despite apologising: Tim Stedman

Briefly present: Denet Benny


1) Handover: The outgoing committee members talk about the requirements of their individual roles with the incoming members.

2) By-election: The election to find a new Secretary will take place at the end of exams, in either Week 7 or 8. Alistair will therefore be completing the ratification process with the current committee.

3) Club Sessions: Well done to Dan and Bryony for doing their first sessions on the pegboard. Everyone else except Tim and Rob should be assigned a committee member with pegboard experience for their first time on the board. Luke will be there to help out Tim and Rob. Luke advises everyone to try to keep games balanced, and also enforce the limit on requests that people can make. This is 2 per session.

4) Social media: We are currently locked out of the email account because of a phishing email sent from the club account. Luke is working to regain access. The presidents and secretary have admin control over the Facebook account. The Social Secretaries, P&P and Fundraising also have account access.

5) Socials: Plans for the next one to be on Wednesday Week 8 as an end of exams blowout. This will be followed by the BBQ on Friday Week 8. The following Wednesday (Week 9), there will be a non-alcoholic social. Tom and Bryony also want to talk to Nicole about the potential for a RAG quiz in the future

6) End of Year Tournament: Nicole to talk to Ethan about using college time on Sunday Week 9 and booking additional slots for college if necessary. She will also contact the club that has the hall on Sunday evening about using their court time too.

7) Y&D League: Matches currently take up too much of team training time. Instead Charlotte would like to move these elsewhere. Alistair says that Archbishop Holgate School is too expensive, but it might be possible to hold matches on dates when courts aren’t block-booked by YUSU, e.g. Week 1 of each term or at the beginning of holidays.

8) Fitness sessions: Charlotte is going to look into the possibility of running some fitness sessions for team, based on willingness of team members and finances.

9) Coach: Charlotte has in mind a potential coach for next year. Currently the Tent is 3 weeks behind schedule for completion, but we are hoping that we will have at least one fixed session at the start of next year in order to get the coach along.

10) Finance: The club currently has plenty of money to spend and it would be ideal to spend it before we apply for a grant for next year. Ideas include: shuttlecocks, shuttle feeders, bowling for Presidents’ Weekend, a camera for the tripod, a coach to Flamingo Land as another potential trip, the BBQ and non-team coaching.

11) Committee tops: This year they were from Surridge and were better than any in previous years. In order to attract attention to ourselves at Freshers’ Fair, it might be good to have a brighter colour next year.

12) AOB – The club needs plastics soon. There are only 2 tubes of Mavis left. Charlotte is to order some from her own email since we can’t access the club account. Luke encourages someone to apply for College Activator. A colour run is suggested as a fundraising event, and Charlotte mentions the possibility of the YUCycle challenge too.

Aaand here’s a pufferfish.