Minutes 8.11.2019

Meeting Called to Order 8th November at 17:30 in G/N/002 by Club President Katy Watson

Committee not turning up with excuses

Jai has gone home for the weekend

Ryan and Kita have got work training

Alex Shanghavi is in LABS

Welcome! Thank you all for coming we all hope you well

WELCOME OWEN congrats for becoming the new merchandise officer!


Change the time to 11.45 changeover at least until Y and D is over or change it officially.

Have 15 minutes to changeover and get the Y and D games on straight away.

Tatenda has no clue what’s going on

Proposed change within committee now and then have an EGM later.

Problem with not enough time for Y and D games but affects club members

Team members are still paying match fees for rushed games

Extra 15 minutes will make a big difference in terms of ease and times

Thought it was a good compromise

Little bit of extra training time for team members on days where there are no Y and D games

Actually gives time for us to actually play the Y and D games

Will email other Y and D teams to make sure they turn up on time.

Already scrapped one Y and D team because of lack of court

Those in favour: 10, those against: 2

Aaron has concerns that people still may not turn up on time

Also people have at the very least paid for the membership with the expectation of getting their full time.

A balance between team and club

Some membership troubles

Maddi is in touch and the relevant people have been told/contacted.

Issue with IT

Will be checking membership properly and organising the pegboards to make sure people don’t take advantage of the free sessions

Also 132 memberships so far which is really good.

Going to get more memberships by term 2 as well

Can check and make sure people who buy term 1 membership don’t carry on playing in term 2 without buying membership. Ask yusu for the details

People wanting to play with friends is fine but need to sort out some actual rules or guidelines for it.

Try to encourage people to mix up and play with different people as well.

Make sure to put people together but mix up the games as well


Transport issues

Booking extra transport etc.

Ongoing issues

Issues with Tatenda

If there is another major issue will be taking it up in an official capacity – formal complaint

People see him in Revs on Sunday then there is lack of reply on Monday emails.

Issues with Tatenda responding to Tatenda and Holiday payment and Zizzis

Has been 2 weeks since the email.

Still issues with josh not being a signatory.

Cannot sign off payments etc.

Ask around for other teams about Tatenda issues

Issues with team training sessions

Sometimes have no training sessions sometimes have one when the expectation was 2 training sessions.

The amount of training has decreased. Some people aren’t that happy about it.

A balance of training sessions trying to get more training in RI or something. Try and garner more interest in RI.

Tell people wanting to do their own training sessions we can provide shuttles and training plans to play badminton and train badminton.

Rest of Tier 1

Have plenty of money

Jason hasn’t VONC’d himself

Social Events

EOTT: Sunday 1st December and Half of Monday club 2nd December

Have a spreadsheet with how much each people owe what and collect the money accordingly.

Hope everyone has fun thanks to Aaron for organising it.

Need to get prizes and spoons

Wednesday Week 10 4/12/2019

Christmas Meal

Photographer is booked

When to start the meal? Initial plans to start for half 6.

Unlimited amount of tickets available capped at 100

Holiday abroad

Problems with payment will get it paid as soon as possible

Do stress that it is being organised for the first time.

Quiz and Raffle social

Organised for week 9 quiz at least. Raffle will be maybe later? We will see.

Still have the charity money from the last fundraiser.

Need to choose a charity to donate the money to from the last charity.

Did MIND last time

Maybe look at different charities to donate money to

Tea and coffee club?

Booking Rooms

Booking rooms for socials

What is the issue with it

Aaron got barred from salvos for the past 3 months

Online now cannot book any teaching rooms for social events

Cannot book any official JCRs for social events without saying it’s the official college’s sports team.


Nothing Shanghavi is not here. Will hopefully get something sorted.

Merch is getting organised and sorted.

Team kit is coming

Roses kit will be in the works for next year.


Definitely 3 matches up then you cannot play down. For colleges.

Last thing is thank you for everyone putting in effort and doing the work required in their roles.

Meeting Adjourned: 19:00

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