Minutes – 8th November 2016

Meeting called to order, 08th November at 1900, by Club President Luke Quigley.


Absent with apologies:

Press and Publicity – Tim Stedman



Club President – Luke Quigley

Secretary – Catherine Wilson

Treasurer – Matthew Smith

Team President – Charlotte Whiting

Men’s Captain – Dan Martyres

Mixed Captain – Eleanor Sinclair

Ladies Captain – Lucy Sharp

Social Secretary – Bryonny Connor and Tom Walker

Merchandise Officer – Emily Beare

Press and Publicity – Rob Stephens

Sponsorship Officer – James Geary

Wellbeing Officer – Rowan Hancox

Fundraising Representative – Nicole Kelly

Ordinary Members – Hannah Hall, Jennifer Entwistle



  1. Introduction and cupboard

Luke introduces our new ordinary member, Jennifer Entwistle, in her first committee meeting since the bi-elections. Luke and Bryonny had cleaned the badminton cupboard and have allocated shelves as follows:


Top shelf – Team

Middle shelf – Club

Bottom shelf – Other


Tom’s request of getting a new auxiliary cable was approved and Luke then outlined the rest of the meeting as follows:


  1. Tent

In week 9, 21st November, will be our first Monday club session in the tent. This will be a trial week to everyone who uses the tent to see if timings run smoothly. Our club sessions will therefore change after this:


Mondays 1900-2200 – Arena (Followed by half price Domino’s Pizza at D-Bar!)

Thursdays 1500-1700 – Arena

Sunday’s 0900-1100 – Main Hall


There was then a discussion on improving the lighting for club sessions by using the keypad in the arena, this can easily be done.


  1. Leeds Friendly

Luke wants to publicise the Leeds friendly match as much as possible to encourage all members to take part. This was posted on the UYBC Social Group page and announced in various colleges.


  1. Yorkshire League Matches

Our upcoming matches are:


Sunday 13th November   – York Uni B v Chesterfield Firth B, 1045 start

  • York Uni B v Clifton B, 1345 start
  • York Uni A v Abbeydale B (Away), 1100 start

Saturday 19th November – York Uni A v York RI A (Away), 1000 start


Charlotte has opened team courts on Sunday to anyone as team are busy in matches.


  1. Socials

Tom and Bryonny have posted the UYBC Cocktail Bar Crawl route on the UYBC Social Group page. Tom then gives an overview of the socials to come:


The trampoline social, 20th November, will be £15.90 including socks and refreshments will have a 15 min induction at the start. Travel is arranged and posted onto facebook follows:


We are going to be driving to the trampoline park on Sunday, but we only have 4 cars between us. Catherine, Charlotte, Dan and myself will be driving


Set off at 5ish:

Car 3 (Catherine) – Mason, Nic, Matthew, Phil

Car 4 (Charlotte) – Alison, Ugne, Ciara, Jennifer

Car 5 (Dan) – Ashley, Umair, Philippe

Car 6 (Tom) – Charlie, Anna, Silvia, Oliver M


Set off at 4:30 (because 2 cars need to take 2 trips)

Car 1 (Catherine) – Bryony, Luke, James, Oliver H

Car 2 (Tom) – Hannah, Rob, Tim, Eleanor



Drivers message the passengers to organise where/when you are picking them up

It takes around 20mins from campus to the trampoline park

To cover petrol costs please bring £1 for your driver



Heroes and villians social, 23rd November, will have prizes and forfeits for the best/worst costumes. Pre drinks will be held in Alcuin JCR and taxis will be ordered by 2140 ready to head into town.


Christmas Meal, 30th November, will be £22.56 plus 2-4-1 cocktails. Those who want to attend there will be a booking fee of £1 and this is to be done online. Meal options and table seating need to be completed online and a google form will be sent to Tom to organise. Alumni can come and pay online too.



Tom and Bryonny have narrowed down the badminton holiday to two places: Grassington Bunk Barn and Inglinton Timber Lodge.


Grassington bunk barn – 50 miles away (less than 2hrs drive)

  • 4-12 big rooms with 34 people
  • Attractions – mountain walking, local waterfall
  • £37 pp to stay, £60 for the weekend



Inglinton Timber Lodge – 60-86 miles away (about 2.5hrs drive)

  • Minimum of 30 people in order to book it
  • Attractions – walks, waterfall, cave
  • £45 pp to stay, £80 pp for the weekend


Both Charlotte and Eleanor said that Inglington is better, even though its going to be more expensive. We can’t travel by car, as there will be no room to bring food and equipment. Tom discussed using YUSU buses as an option or going through private coach hire. Matthew suggested creating a poll between the two. Charlotte asked about if there was going to be a noise restriction which Tom will look into. Bryonny suggested looking into deliveries if space is an issue. Alumni have contacted Tom about the badminton holiday, expressing an interest.


  1. Merchandise

Emily is waiting for team and college captains to respond with sizes before she can order them. Club Merchandise will be available to order between mid march/end of second term.


  1. End of Term Tournament (EOTT)

The EOTT will take place in week 10 on Saturday 3rd December in both the arena and main sports hall. Nicole has requested help from the committee in order for this to run smoothly. Luke and Charlotte are going to meet up with Nicole to discuss players who are allowed to play. This list will be made public and posted on the event page to avoid confusion when picking partners.


  1. Equal opportunity’s (EO)

Tom and Rowan have been attending the EO talks in order to make the badminton club accepting to all. One thing that was discussed at the meeting was micro aggression especially towards foreign students. Rowan explained this to the committee and described how to act in the situation. They both learnt how to change the conversion in certain situations and how to be more inclusive within club and socials.


Following this Nicole opened the discussion on transgender players and how we approach the situation in terms of the EOTT. Tom then answered that we would play the individual as their defined gender with exceptions due to level of ability. Luke then related this to the peg board, that females are red, males are black and others are green. Charlotte then put forward the idea that we should follow the BUCS rules.


  1. Other

College tournament will be held in week 9, Saturday 26th November, in order to put forward a team for varsity. The information was posted onto the captain’s page by Tom as follows:


The format of the college varsity has changed this year so it’s not just mixed pairs playing in the varsity. Each college will submit 6 pairs into the tournament; 2 men’s pairs, 2 ladies’ pairs and 2 mixed pairs. There will be 12 pairs going to Durham to compete in the college varsity; 4 men’s pairs (2 pairs from top 2 college), 4 ladies’ pairs (2 pairs from top 2 college) and 4 mixed pairs (2 pairs from top 2 college). With a maximum of 6 different colleges and a minimum of 2 colleges going to Durham.

We have very limited time in the tent for this tournament so the format will be a group stage on the Saturday, then a semi-final and a final on the Sunday. The groups have been decided based on the term 3 league results from last year, placing odd seeding’s in group A and the even seeding’s in group B. We will still be playing by the college badminton rules (no A or B team men’s player and no A team ladies players etc.).

So for example, the two men’s pairs from a certain college will compete together against the other men’s pairs in their group from the other colleges, then if they are in the top two college pairs of their group they will go through to the semi-final and then if they win again, through to the final. Both set of pairs in the final will play at Durham, the final is to decide the 1st team and the 2nd team. It is the same for the ladies and the mixed. The result of a college’s men’s pairs will not affect the result of any of the ladies or mixed pairs and vice versa.

I am going to need full cooperation to make this work successfully, and full understanding of the rules and timing from all of the college captains, please ask me any questions you might have before the tournament.


An event was then made and the information was posted as described:


Every year the University of York and Durham University compete in the annual College Varsity. It is a highly competitive one-day tournament, whereby colleges from each university compete in a number of sports.

This tournament determines which Colleges will be representing the University against Durham in college varsity in Term 2.

On Saturday 26th it’s college against college to qualify for the final, to be held next term. Come down to the new Arena from 12 o’clock to cheer and support your college to victory!

From 12-3:30 group A (Alcuin, Derwent, Goodricke, Halifax) will compete and from 3:30-7 group B (Constantine, James, Langwith, Vanbrugh) will compete. The top two set of pairs in each men’s, mixed and ladies’ doubles will go through to the final next term.


This was to encourage non-players to attend and get involved.


Meeting adjourned 1945




Fun Fact: Pandas weigh as much as a cup of tea when they are newly borns.