Minutes – February 17th 2015

17th February 2015 – 6:30pm – D/L/116
Present: Alistair, Leah, Ethan, Adam, Alice, Daleel, Stephen, Alison, George, Phil
Apologies: Oli, James, Meredith, Ugne, Danny
Absent Without Apologies: Holly, Ben
1. YuFund Grant Handover
2. Holiday & Socials
3. Overnight & EOTT
4. Leeds Friendly
5. Elections & AGM
6. President’s Weekend
7. Next Term
8. Pegboard
9. Club Merchandise
10. AOB

YuFund Grant Handover

-YuFund representative did not turn up….

Overnight & EOTT

– Tournament event will be going up this week.
– Overnight courts are sorted for Feb 28th.
– In the process of gathering raffle prizes, any help would be greatly appreciated! Ask workplaces, family, individual shops etc.
– We will need as much help as we can get on the night so please try and come if you can.

Holiday & Socials

– Holiday is almost sold out 🙂
– George & Holly are going to plan the activities this week.
– Food also to sort, remember lots of BREAD!!!
– Socials: we still need to do a non-alcoholic social – bowling week 10? Or student cinema?

Leeds Friendly

– We have tried to find dates but unfortunately we won’t be able to fit it in this term with all the other events we’ve got.
– It might be possible to hold it early next term.

Elections & AGM

– Elections taking place week 3 term 3.
– Before the elections we will have 2 socials.
– Things we want to do before we leave – NTC, Battle Badminton, buying racquets & a new banner.


– Venue has been decided as the Hilton in town. Cost will be £25 which is cheaper than previous years.
– Tickets include a glass of bucs fizz each.
– The venue can hold 70-80 people.
– Looking into hiring somewhere afterwards, as we have not spent as much on the meal.

Next Term

– See elections & AGM.


– People are still not turning up and not letting anyone know! From now on Alistair is going to text people reminders.
– Lots of members are making lots of requests for the same games continuously and some club members are feeling excluded.
– Try and keep it to 2 requests a session, if you think someone has requested games more than this, then you don’t have to put their request on the board.

Club Merch

– This has now been ordered and we have had confirmation that the PO has gone through.
– Who knows when it will arrive…


– Suggestion of creating a facebook group for members to interact with each other as well as the club. We will try and set this up next term, and mention it to the new committee. This would be more personal for members that seeing posts from our facebook page.