Minutes – 16th June 2016


Meeting called to order at 11:00 am by meeting chair and Club President Luke Quigley.


Absent with apologies: George Hargreaves, Eleanor Sinclair, Rob Stephens and Catherine Wilson.

Absent without apologies: Dan Martyres.

Absent with post meeting apologies: Timothy Stedman.

Present: Bryony Connor, Emily Beare, Hannah Hall, Lucy Sharp, Charlotte Whiting, Luke Quigley, James Geary, Rowan Hancox, Matthew Smith, Nicole Kelly and Tom Walker.


  1. End of Year Tournament;

The whole committee agreed the tournament was ran well and was a big success, especially regarding finishing on time.

  1. Committee tops;

Emily has organised the committee tops, they will be royal blue with a design closer to the one two years ago rather than last year. They will be £15 each, names and sizes to be collected soon, Matt to collect payments.

  1. York Active / No Strings;

The club account recently received an email about merging York Active and No Strings into one session, they are looking for activators and volunteers to run the sessions, currently it is not known how the new activator will be paid.

Luke explained how both the sessions worked and shared his concerns about merging them because of cost and turn out, he also believes there needs to be more advertising.

  1. Media;

In Tim’s absence, Tom explained how the new Instagram and Snapchat accounts work, asking for images to share, the login and password details were shared and will be added to the committee Facebook group.

  1. Freshers’ fair / Week 2

Luke explains the technicalities of Freshers’ Fair were explained, including rough timings and ‘shifts’ for committee members. It will be very similar to last year. Involving the college captains in Freshers’ Fair was discussed, no definite outcome decided.

Matt brings up Grace Clarke’s idea to offer sign ups on the day, the committee are unsure if this would be beneficial, it’s not a great idea.

As a whole we would like to emphasise college badminton more, it was suggested we move team trails to after an initial college session. It was also agreed that all the different trials and sessions need to be promoted more consistently as there was confusion at the start of the year regarding what first years should attend and when they attend.

Other aspects of the first 2 weeks of term were discussed, including how the club sessions will be packed, Luke would like to hold a committee meeting in Week 1 and Nicole requests that the meeting is to be early in the week

  1. Website;

Most people don’t know about the website, this needs to be publicised with links from all our social media outlets

  1. AOB;
  • Socials

Talking about no-drinking socials – quiz – Saturday

Meeting adjourned at 11:30 am.


All done. Here is a big shark